Collection for all OS updates

All information is collected from open resource, please give me feedback if there is any correction to be made.

OS OS Version Kernel Contributer (not fully included) Release Date Reference
AltLinux 20220422 5.16.0-rc6 Bables 2022.3 AltLinux for StarFive VisionFive V1
Arch Power 20220321 / Alpha 5.17.0-4c8 Alex 2022.3 Arch POWER image (20220321 / Alpha)
Archlinux Arch Linux riscv64 5.18.0-rc5 Houge 2022.2 Archlinux For StarFive VisionFive V1
Chromium OS StarFive etc. WIP TBD
Debian sid / unstable 5.15 Houge 2022.1 Debian Sid/unstable image for Starfive VisionFive V1 ( 2022-01-26 )
Deepin´╝łUOS´╝ë unstable version UnionTech WIP GitHub - linuxdeepin/deepin-riscv: Porting deepin to the RISC-V platform
Fedora Fedora33 5.15 StarFive, etc. 2021.12 GitHub - starfive-tech/Fedora_on_StarFive
Gentoo stage 3 5.15 Houge 2022.2
Lubuntu 21.10 5.17.0 Houge 2022.3 Lubuntu 21.10 image for Starfive VisionFive V1
OpenHarmony OpenAtom´╝îStarFive, etc. WIP TBD
Ubuntu 22.04 5.15 Canonical 2022.8
Ubuntu 22.04 5.17.4 Jershell 2022.4 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS has a RISC-V version - anyone got this running on VisionFive V1? - #28 by jershell
Ubuntu Kylin KylinSoft WIP TBD
OpenEuler openEuler-22.03.riscv64.qcow2 5.15 Samuel 2022.4 riscv-openeuler-visionfive: Play with OpenEuler on VisionFive
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed 5.15 OpenSUSE 2022.7 HCL:VisionFive - openSUSE Wiki

Added´╝ÜDeepin test version (incomplete)

Added: OpenSUSE Tumbleweed wiki and image download location for VisionFive

Added´╝ÜUbuntu 22.04.1 from Canonical

Ubuntu 22.04.1 kernel get updated to 5.17.0 on apt upgrade