Arch POWER image (20220321 / Alpha)

Just finished up the first alpha build of an Arch POWER image for Visionfive V1.

Arch POWER is basically an Archlinux derived distribution for ppc64le, ppc and now RISC-V as well.

Notes for the adventerous:

=== Hardware support

Bluetooth and Wireless LAN are not yet supported.

Requires a card of at least 16GB.

=== Default Login:
root / starfive

=== Network Config

NetworkManager is enabled and will attempt to get a configuration via DHCP on the Ethernet interface.

=== Serial

Configured for 1152008n1

Any feedback or issues are welcome:


WiFi is fixed and works just fine with testing-any/linux-visionfive-5.17.0.rc8-1 now so just pacman -Syu with testing repos enabled.

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good work :+1: