Debian Sid/unstable image for Starfive VisionFive V1 ( 2022-01-26 )

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Hi, everyone, I made a boot-able debian image for StarFive VisionFive single board computer. Many thanks to StarFive and @guten 's Fedora image. Before you download the image please read these features you should know.

  1. New Linux Kernel 5.17-rc1 in image. I will update, If you want to install the new one from apt, follow this:
  • At first changing your date, like date -s "xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx"
  • Using this commod adding my starfive risc-v repository:
curl -s | apt-key add -
  • You may noticed that apt tell you no gnupg gnupg2. Just install one of them and try again
  • Added this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list .
deb unstable main
  • apt update; apt upgrade or apt install the new one.
  • new kernel installed, but you may not boot with new one. Because /boot not automatic mounted ( I will fixed this one next release )
  1. NO DE. For now, no Desktop Environment in image. But you could install your favorite one.
  2. Some important thing about this image.
  • u-boot and OpenSBI follow the starfive and @guten 's Fedora image.
  • Linux kernel follow starfive github version. I will try my best build and package every week.
  • Issue ? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Please tell me.
  1. If you download complete please checksum.
  2. how to burn the image to SD card?
dd if=/path-to/xxx.img of=/dev/sdX status=progress bs=1M
  1. root: root , password: debian
  2. Have fun.


大家好,我是 Houge Langley,这次非常高兴能够在 Starfive 和 @guten 制作的 Fedora image 基础上,创建一个 Debian 的可启动、完整的 Linux 系统镜像。在各位朋友跃跃欲试想要下载之前,大家先仔细阅读以下内容:

  1. 这个 Debian 的镜像使用的 Linux 内核是最新的 5.17.0-rc 版本(当然,后面我会持续更新,只要上游更新,我就会更新打包放到我的 deb 仓库里),大家可以通过 apt 进行安装。方法如下:
  • 首先使用 date 来更改单板机的时间,类似这样:data -s "年年年年-月月-日日 小时:分钟:秒秒"
  • 修改完成后,可以尝试使用 apt update 看看是否能够正常刷到源,没有问题的话,就可以下一步了
  • 首先使用 apt 安装 gnupg2 ,命令是:apt install gnupg2 ,安装的目的是后面方便加我的 riscv deb 仓库。
  • 执行下面的命令:
curl -s | apt-key add -
  • 当然,你也可能会发现没有 curl ,那就用 apt 安装一个就行。
  • 将下面这行地址写到 /etc/apt/sources.list 中。
deb unstable main
  • 完成之后,使用 apt update 刷新就能够使用 apt search 找到相关内核包了,后续我会持续更新,充其量名字修改成后续大家方便更新的样子。
  • 如果你更新了内核,下载开机是不会启用新内核的,因为 /boot 分区并不会在开机是自动挂载,另外,新版本的 dtb 文件并没有随之安装到 /boot 下。
  1. 大家需要注意的是,这个 image 里不包含桌面环境,所以大家有需要的话,可以安装自己喜欢的桌面环境(不过不建议大家这样做,因为目前开发板不包含 GPU ,所以没有图形化加速,等待将来 StarFive 出具有 PCIE 的主板,使用 AMD 的显卡再测试)。

  2. 还有一些重要的信息,大家可以了解下:

(1) 关于启动的 u-boot 和 OpenSBI 更新会跟随上游,也就是 starfive 和 @guten 朋友的 Fedora 镜像,进行跟进;
(2) Linux 内核,我会跟随上游 github 版本,尽力实现每周更新和打包 deb ;
(3) 如果有任何问题,可以告诉我,我会竭尽全力。

  1. 下载的是一个 tar.xz 包,解压后是一个 .img 文件,用 dd 写到 sdcard 上,命令如下:
dd if=/path-to/xxx.img of=/dev/sdX status=progress bs=1M
  1. 用户名:root ,密码:debian
  2. 祝大家新年快乐。

Some pictures about this image.



@Houge_Langley Sweet! Thanks for the sharing :+1: :tada:That is AMAZING! :tada:

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Hi Houge!

Nice work. I will definitely try this image. Does this image has support for the older BeagleV Starlight or only VisionFive? I have the older BeagleV starlight. Can’t afford to buy the newer VisionFive. Is the device tree file for BeagleV incorporated in this image? Do you have any Debian Development tree where i also can start contributing the the same?

Hi @pratikfarkase94 , I think it’s working, have to changed the fdt to BeagleV dtb will working. I think you could download this image. Mounting this image’s /boot to somewhere and changing the default dtb in grub.cfg and extlinux/extlinux.conf will be working.

Ok i got the image working for BeagleV. Any WIP for getting the GUI up for Debian image?

Great, I have try xfce on this board. Too lag to use. You may try it, maybe I missing something.


@Houge_Langley great, thanks for providing a Debian-based image :heart:. Any plans to update the image with the 5.17-rc3 kernel?
Btw. the shasum seems to belong to a file called Debian_sid_linux_kernel_5.17.0-rc1.img not the currently offered Debian_sid_linux_kernel_5.17.0-rc1.tar.xz.

Thanks to your reply, I will do it tomorrow evening. :wink: @mackenzy

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Tomorrow, I will upload a new and small .img :wink:

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Great, thank you very much :slight_smile:

U are welcome, buddy.

Hi, Guys, I have been update img and linux kernel. Please check these sites.

  1. New .IMG download.
  2. apt update check the new linux kernel. 5.17.0-rc4.

New .IMG username only root, password is root.

I added dtb directory in my server. You guys could check here will see and download what you need.


Best wishes for you and have a fun :wink:

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New kernel is available too.


Wow, great, thank you very much :heart: