AltLinux for StarFive VisionFive V1

An early alpha version of the image with Altlinux. To start, download, burn the image to an SD card, connect to the device and turn on the power. The system will start automatically. This is a minimal console image.

Login: root
password: altlinux


Add image XFCE.
I pay attention, while the desktop is working very slowly.


Good news. To normalize the XFCE GUI, it is enough to create a file
with the following contents.
And after the reboot, the graphical shell will work at an acceptable speed. :slight_smile:

Section "Device"
    Identifier  "Default Device"
    Driver      "modesetting"
    Option      "AccelMethod"    "none"     ### "glamor" to enable 3D acceleration, "none" to disable.
Section "ServerFlags"
        Option  "AutoAddGPU" "off"
        Option "Debug" "dmabuf_capable"

You’re a machine, balbes! Keep up the great work!

Version 20220422. A specialized desktop version of the AltLinux Simply image (XFCE) has been added. It works with HDMI LAN WiFi analog audio via 3.5 jack.


The launch is very simple, download, burn to an SD card, connect to the device and turn on the power. At the first start of the system, the settings wizard starts, in which you need to select language, configure network settings, create user and set passwords, after completion (confirmation of all steps), the system automatically restarts and launches the graphical login screen. Please note, at the step of saving settings and the last step, the system can spend lot of time (it depends on the speed parameters of the SD card), this is normal behavior.

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Screenshot of the running AltLinux Simpli system


Version 20220526 kernel 5.18.0

jeos - This is a minimal system with a console interface. It can be used as a base for creating your own systems.

Those who wish can independently assemble their own version of images with different DE or minimal versions. The build works on the StarFive device itself in the mkimage-profiles build system. Details on how to use this system to build your images can be found at the link.

Add image :

builder - pre-configured console system for building AltLinux images and packages.
details about using this system

IceWM - system with very light DE IceWM, well suited for StarFive without GPU, allowing you to create minimal load.

Good news. :slight_smile:
The native kernel build was tested directly on the StaFive device itself (without using an external PC in cross-compilation mode). The build process is not fast, but it is important that all operations to create your system \ kernel can now be performed without using an additional PC (all operations to build the kernel and system are performed on the StatFive device itself). For those interested, I am ready to write a step-by-step instruction on how to build your kernel directly on StaFive.


How can I start with AI on AltLinux? Is it supported for StarFive product @balbes150?

Sorry, I use a translator and didn’t understand what “Ai” means?

I meant GPU-intensive tasks. Maybe face recognition or TensorFlow computations. Haven’t you try it yet (with this board and AltLinux)?

No, I have not checked (I do not know how to do this) this and I doubt it will work now (before enabling all the necessary components).

New version 20220701. important change. The system switches to using UEFI. To launch a new version, you need to update the u-boot variables in SPI. To do this, follow the instructions from this topic.

The update must be performed once, all necessary changes will be automatically recorded in SPI and saved to work with all systems. After updating u-boot, to start the system (this is only needed for version 20220701 in the future I will add everything necessary to the images themselves), after recording the image, you need to download the link and write two files to the SD card - uEnv.txt and a new grub.cfg (you can just edit grub.cfg).

Updated the file uEnv.txt on the website (in the same dir 20220702). With the new file, you no longer need to edit grub.cfg, everything works without editing.

Version 20220703. File uEnv.txt already as part of the image, you do not need to add it manually. If the bootloader has been updated (there is a link to the topic of how to do this above), it is enough just to download, unpack and burn a new image to the SD card and you can immediately use\run the system. :slight_smile:

Version 20220712 for StarFive . An important change is the transfer to EFI\grub.

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Version 20220817 for StarFive kernel 5.19.0

Does this distribution runs V2?