Archlinux For StarFive VisionFive V1

Hi, you guys, I have been build a new img, which Archlinux base one.

You could download it from my site and flash to sdcard have a try.

Download: Index of /ubuntu-impish/img


  1. NVDLA build-in
  2. wlan could not use
  3. sshd default enable, you could login as root

root, password is root.


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Download link is not working

Download link is not working.

@ltkun I have a copy of the image, I will send you the link later, I am just uploading the image to mega

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@ltkun 1.05 GB file on MEGA


Thank you for the download link. However, the file seems to be corrupted when I tried to extract. Maybe there are some cosmic rays during the transmission. Can you verify the sha1sum?

> zstd -d Archlinux-StarFive-RISCV-2022-05-09.img.zst    
V-2022-05-09.img.zst : 1.36 GiB...     V-2022-05-09.img.zst : Decoding error (36) : Corrupted block detected 

> sha1sum Archlinux-StarFive-RISCV-2022-05-09.img.zst 
b13c674f48e033da2959e703233679d57c9ed9f9  Archlinux-StarFive-RISCV-2022-05-09.img.zst