【Good news】I successfully use five wireless dongles of 4 chips on VisionFive 2

I have five wireless dongles:

They are:

  • RTL8192CU:“EDUP” in the first picture
  • MT7601U:one is “Mi” in the first picture,second is “du” in the first picture
  • ECR6600U:the green dongle in the first picture, Officially provided.
  • RTL8832AU:“EDUP” in the second picture

In these wireless dongles, both ECR6600U and RTL8832AU support WiFi6.
ECR6600U supports 2.4GHz. RTL8832AU supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

I successfully use these five wireless dongles on VisionFive 2.
My system is Debian image69.

Because I am a Chinese user, I wrote a post in Chinese to explain how to use these USB wireless dongles.
The url is https://forum.rvspace.org/t/2-usb-rtl8832au-wifi6/1595.
Maybe you need to use Google Translate to help you to view.
I will arrange time to write an English document.

Today is Chinese New Year, My best wishes to everyone.


(Bad news)
Just tried your write up for the ECR6600U (again).
Still does not work.
Driver compiles, but is very unstable (repeated password prompts + stack traces galore).
Not useable.


When ecr6600u is connected to the board, two network devices will appear.
One is for normal mode, other is for WiFi-Direct.

You can try these steps

# unplug ECR6600U, then plug in ECR6600U
dmesg | grep -Ei 'wlan|p2p'

The device with “…p2p0…” is WiFi-Direct
The device with “…wlan…” is for WiFI-Normal.

If you want to connect to WiFi router, you need to use the device for WiFI-Normal.

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Thanks for the information.
I am travelling at the moment. I will give your suggestion a try later in the week.