VisionFive 2 Ecosystem Bi-weekly Updates (2.1-2.29)

StarFive News

  1. Official support Linux kernel will be moved to v6.6
    StarFive plans to gradually migrate the maintenance focus of the Linux kernel from v6.1 to v6.6 in the next period, which is expected to be completed by May. By then, StarFive’s officially maintained Linux kernel versions will be v5.15 and v6.6.
    Linux kernel v6.6 is the latest upstream long-term support release, With StarFive’s continuous efforts in the past period, most of the JH-7110 drivers have been merged into the Linux kernel v6.6.Therefore, in newer upstream kernels, there is more support for JH-7110 which reduces the number of downstream-relevant driver patches and maintenance workload.
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  2. RVspace Pioneers 2023
    After over a year of development, the RVspace community has expanded alongside VisionFive 2. We extend our gratitude to the dedicated developers who contributed to the open-source community and made significant strides in the world of RISC-V last year.
    After dedicated decisions around developers’ openness, contribution, innovations and their time spent on open-source community, we are pleased to announce the 10 developers recognized as the 2023 RVspace pioneers.
    The 10 developers comprise open-source project initiators, “supernumerary” community operators, and innovative application practitioners. StarFive will present the developers with new products based on JH-8110. It’s important to note that the new product will not be shipped until it is officially released.

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Social Media Updates

  1. VisionFive 2 with an external GPU (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed)
    Bas Magré has shared a video about “StarFive VisionFive 2 (RISC-V) - OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with external GPU ATI Radeon R9 290”.

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  2. VisionFive 2 RISC-V - Building the Linux Kernel
    “Codeproject” shared his experience of building the Linux kernel for the starfive visionfive2.

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  3. Guideline: Running a Wayland Desktop on Arch Linux VF2

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    RVspace Topic (Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2)

  4. Community developers has shared 4 tutorials about using VisionFive 2:

  • Installing Docker and common software for Ubuntu OS on VisionFive 2
  • Installing HomeAssistant by compiling containers on VisionFive 2
  • Enable OpenWrt in Docker on VisionFive 2
  • Using VisionFive 2 as a soft router

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  1. Developer “小鳄鱼” shared an article about “How to connect VisionFive 2 with SSH”.

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