RVspace Pioneers 2023

After over a year of development, the RVspace community has expanded alongside VisionFive 2. We extend our gratitude to the dedicated developers who contributed to the open-source community and made significant strides in the world of RISC-V last year.

After dedicated decisions around developers’ openness, contribution, innovations and their time spent on open-source community, we are pleased to announce the 10 developers recognized as the 2023 RVspace pioneers.

The 10 developers comprise open-source project initiators, “supernumerary” community operators, and innovative application practitioners. StarFive will present the developers with new products based on JH-8110. It’s important to note that the new product will not be shipped until it is officially released.

  • Chaiwat Suttipongsakul
  • Milan P. Stanic
  • Andrew Cameron
  • Chu Qiao
  • “怀揣少年梦”
  • Xiaolong Xie
  • Shengbo Sun
  • Wei Shi
  • Hongjie Li
  • Zhen Zheng

Thanks all of you for the creativity you bring and the results you drive. Excited for another year of rocking it together.


Congratulations to the developers.
And good to see StarFive is investing in the community.
Can’t wait for the new JH-8110 products.


Yes I am also looking forward to the new JH-8110 Products