OS options for VF2?

As the VF2 boards are starting to ship, I was wondering if the linux kernals designed for the VF1 would work for the VF2 as well, or if there was a separate repo for a linux kernal designed for the VF2.



The merge status isn’t clear, but https://github.com/starfive-tech/linux/tree/visionfive-5.19.y is probably the branch you want.

A VF1 distro on SD will definitely not boot on a Star64. I suspect the GPIOs are either connected to different pins or the front-end pin mux is just not aware of it. The low-level electronics relationship between Star64 and VF2 is not yet totally clear.

It’s my HOPE that once the projects (OpenSBI, Kernel, the OS in general) all get their work landed in the same master trees that a build between all four boards should just work.

Trivia, until pretty recently, most of the work has been done using a Fedora 32 image from 2018 or so that was done on QEMU before any volume RV64 hardware was ready. Sure, code like the projects above, the NIC drivers, serial consoles, etc. may have needed changed between the boards, but /bin/sh and other user-space-y things have been quite stable for a long time now. A board-specific OpenBoot should be able to paper over most things for a DT-capable kernel to handle…soon.

Oh, and welcome!


Do you think that this branch (https://github.com/starfive-tech/linux/tree/JH7110_VisionFive2_devel) would be better? The readme seems to be the same across most branches but the one you listed mentions the 100 chip by name instead of the 110 chip in the VF2.

Maybe. That was kind of my point. There are a whole bunch of branches and it’s not yet clear what’s intended to be useful, what’s juat scratch work product, and what’s intended for each hardware. (Using 7110 and VF2 interchangeably is going to be confusing.)

I pointed you to the pond. If you can find a fish, great! Please share.

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I’ve hit the same conundrum but was able to write up a little first-look guide on how to get a plain kernel built and booted here:


For those of us who really dont feel like doing this the hard way again, any idea of an ETA from them on a simple image, with all the drivers? I know it wont be perfect at the beginning, but…

( i have a V1, and a RV dock, so while i can do it, I really was more in the mood for plug-n-play this time )


The quick start guide mentions a Debian image that will be released for VF2 but I see no ETA on it.


Ya i noticed that too, was just wondering if anyone had heard anything. Not end of world, it will happen, was mostly curious. if i really needed it for a project, id be working to build something myself.

I just received my VisionFive 2 board 02 February 2023 via Kickstarter. It is board version 1.3B which at moment appears to be latest version of board.

It appears RGP I_O switches are set to serial reVisionFive 2 Single Board Computer Quick Start Guide" V1.1 20221227.

Would I be able to check the SPL and U-BOOT versions via serial without having to create and boot a Debian OS image?

Would I be able to load the latest 2.6.0 SPL and U-Boot images via serial without having need to create and boot Debian OS Image?

My hunch is yes to both answers, but I like to check first.

Opps, sorry I an made error. Current SPL and U-Boot is 2.8.0 and not 2.60. My apologies for my brain wires crossed reading different posts and last prior to this stated 2.6.0 current when I had looked at github releases yesterday forgetting 2.8.0 was latest.

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My board from Kickstarter has also arrived, I haven’t had time to unpack it yet, but I’m glad.
Releases/Latest: VisionFive2 Software v2.8.0