VisionFive 2 Debian Image(December) Released

VisionFive 2 Debian Image-69 has been released, please download:

Please update latest SPL and U-Boot binaries by following Guide: 4.3 charpter before running this Debian image. this is very important.

Here is the chang log:

What’s New

  • Supported SBC: VF2 v1.2A and v1.3B
  • Based on Linux kernel 5.15 (VisionFive2 Software tag: v2.5.0);
  • Upgraded Libre Office V7.3.4.2 to Libre Office V7.5;
  • Add a minimal desktop Image69 (almost 500MB);

Known Issues / Limitation

  • Mosaic pictures after login
  • xeglinfo crashes X server
  • Qt modules qtwebengine failed to build
  • Firefox hardware acceleration is not working
  • NWjs Filesystem access APIs failed.
  • NWjs mp3 encoder failed to be detected
  • Failure on dual display [MIPI+HDMI]
  • 4K monitor does not display properly
  • Boot flow(boot from SD or eMMC) are not supported yet
  • First login will prompt back to login page
  • Failure on multi-channel MJPEG decoding by GStreamer
  • Accidental Crash occurred on libreoffice v7.5

Fixed Issues

  • Mosaic cursor
  • Libreoffice When opening Forms or Tables in an .odb file, there would be an error “The connection to the data source could not be established.”
  • HDMI Audio not working
  • Auto-selection of 4GB/8GB ddr in uboot
  • Eth0 cannot be assigned IP address
  • Kernel crash when on high usage;
  • Missing netwok icon

hello Michael,

great and many thanks for the work.
i got 502 Bad gateway for the link

The SPL and U-Boot update works with the old image too or it breaks ?

Best regards

I found this link works

yeah, latest uboot/spl also works well with the old image, but the issue of eth0 and ddr capacity remains

Yeah thank you, it works.

Hello Michael,

wouldn’t it be good to download the new u-boot & SPL Files u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out and
visionfive2_fw_payload.img on github ?

With a default config


Yes, this two firmware have download link on github Release VisionFive2 Software v2.5.0 · starfive-tech/VisionFive2 · GitHub

Update torrent file, sorry for the incovinence


Hello together,

i installed the new image. Great work. The download from Google Drive was very fast about 5min.
Memory is now the correct value :slight_smile:



Hello @Michael.Zhu

what i found out the image has an /boot/boot folder. From this folder the kernel will be loaded.

Is it possible tochange it to standard /boot ?

I found it out after my own kernel wasnt bootet.

Best regards

Thanks for the minimal desktop image.

GPU driver could not be loaded

yes, we also found it. thanks for your remind.

should be loaded, any log?

¿Is It possible to update without ttl usb device?.

you can do without ttl usb:

  1. the u-boot and SPL update as described in VisionFive2_QSG.pdf p.26.
  2. Flash the img to SD Card.
    Login to the Image as root you need usb ttl
    Or you can change the sshd_config directly in the image when its mounted on your linux host.

p.26 it is written:

This method only supports versions equal to or later than VF2_v2.5.0

Can I follow the procedure from image55 (which from it’s name seems to be a 2.3.0 ?)
OR this note apply only to u-boot&SPL v2.5.0 ?

Here’s a magnet link to Image-69 if anyone wants to download without going through the Google Drive.


For future release, could the .torrent file be put into github, or just on the low bandwidth site directly?


As expected, image55 (v2.3.0) was not able to mount mtd devices then switched to the other solution (flashing through TFTP server).
As expected too, using image69 without updated u-boot & SPL failed booting and forced the boot to u-boot. From here the tftp procedure worked fine for updating u-boot and SPL
→ Reboot : debian booted directly.


I have a gigabit uplink that I’ll leave running on that, though it’ll take a while to get inertia. It’s estimating 44 hours, so my Gbit uplink in the states should help.