Is anyone working on getting the Visionfive 2 supported in OpenWrt?


For those who are interested you can follow one of the OpenWrt developers in this thread and offer to test when its ready


Hi @andrew may I ask you what use case you have planned for VisionFive with OpenWrt?

I do not have a use case yet but want to test how well it performs



I’ve made an Openwrt image to try for the VisionFive2
Unfortunately I disabled the onboard lan driver so you have to test with a USB network adapter, the good news is it seems quite stable, wireless appears to work for mt7921u so hopefully mt76x2u as well

You have to browse to first and set the root password before you can SSH in. Though the image is in ext4 format so you should just be able to mount the 4th partition (-t ext4) and make changes if you like. If you have a serial connection you can also access it that way and if something has gone wrong with the default way to access (you might have to type in ‘boot’ to get to to boot) it you can use ip commands and flush the firewall ruleset (nft flush ruleset) to get started


You have unfortunately disabled the network driver for a router OS, honestly?


it was more trouble than it was worth to leave it enabled for now
one of the biggest openwrt contributors mentions it as an issue:

and I quote:

For the VF2, there is a preliminary target in my staging tree, but consider it only as a preview, as there are issues with the NIC bringup and requires cleanup.

I’m using this image right now so am happy enough, the USB on this SOC is really solid as far as stability goes***, I only provided the download incase anyone else feels the same but didn’t want to go through all the various annoyances in actually getting a built image running off latest 5.15.x source

I’ll take another swing at it later this week though, but i’m just an idiot that can kinda patch things together.

*** I’m not sure if it has something to do with this special patch no other soc has: usb:xhci:To improve performance,usb using lowmem for bulk xfer. · starfive-tech/linux@ca21eac · GitHub


Ok, I will admit it, your comment did make me smile. But in all fairness it is still very early days.

If MotorComm provided full documentation (without NDA’s) for their GMAC PHY (YT8521C - 10/100 Mbit/sec ; YT8531C - 10/100/1000 Mbit/sec), and if Synopsys DesignWare provided full documentation (without NDA’s) for their dwmac-5.20 IP used in the JH7110 (or at least the registers) it would probably be working already.


I immediately liked it because I appreciate the work, but I couldn’t resist the joke. I just like to make others laugh.

Ok, the next joke is on me. My profile picture is not digitally manipulated, I can make such faces, only I borrowed the funny glasses for the selfie from a colleague.


yeah it’s a fair point for sure haha
I guess it’s early days but it’s really not that far off as far as this basic use case goes


looks like I spoke too soon on the mediatek wireless working, I wonder if reverting that patch I mentioned above will do anything

the current image crashes with mt7921au and never gets running with a mt7612u