Delivery of VisionFive 2

Received the board late last week. Shipped Dec 27, received Jan 20 (Vancouver, Canada).

I’ll test things out early Feb when I have more time.

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I’m wondering where my board is and when I will receive it.

My Backer Number is: 1378.

Thank You in advance.

@Selina : Do you any shipping info for backer number 1225?

Thank you.

Hi, I got my tracking number (I’m backer 1034) and everything went fine for a few days. However, since the 8th of January, the package seems to be stopped at some place. What’s the current status of this package?

According to spreadsheet on the top my kickstarter board was not shipped yet, no worries - I hope it will be here some time in feb.
interestingly the one preordered at allnet is already delivered and it’s working on my desk now :slight_smile:

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I’m backer 378, Early Bird 4 GB board; is it correct that this board is “out of stock” and not shipping yet?

I checked the spreadsheet and I’m the Out of Stock - No Tracking Yet. :blush:


It may deliver 2022 Dec but I didn’t receive it. No tracing information and no number in Excel sheet.

Please give me some information. Thanks.

Got my 4PX tracking number today via email. Thx @Selina

Hi Selina,

The spreadsheet says my board has been delivered but I have not received it. Can you check when it was sent and where it is now, please. My backer number is 439.

Thank you,

Steve Waggitt

Hi, your tracking number is WU779156125GB using website: you could contact 44 1752387112 to check your package.

Got my tracking number :smile:

Thank you, the parcel has been delivered to my building but I am unable to locate it. I have contacted the landlord and Royal Mail.

Received delivering information mail 2 hour ago. Thx.

I’m backer 554.
I got a tracker number yesterday that I can track with 4px.
Thank you :hugs:

Hi Salina

My backing number# 653.
Can you track my shipment?

Thank you ~