Delivery of VisionFive 2

Hey Starfive Team,

I just wanted an update over the shipping method and whether will we be notified after the delivery happens. I live in a society where the guard is handed over the package and I need to collect it from them (they don’t inform me whether a package for me has been delivered). So in that case I would need to know when the board arrives so I can check with them in due time.



hello, did you get a response from support?.. I have situation about too need any information about send… I may be leaving and I need to know where the package might be


Please leave your backer number here for us to check the status.

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If we can get the status by sharing our backer number, then mine is 1578.

Please use the following website to search for your package: Global Order Tracking

Tracking number for #1578: 4PX3000401857729CN


If I may ask for the shipping status as well, my backer number is 1860, thanks.

hi selina,

i also need the tracking number - i reached out to starfive via kickstarter and via your support email address without any response so far … i have backed two times with backing number 133 and 743 and would need the tracking numbers for both

a lot of thanks in advance and best wishes - hexdump

Similar, I’m backer #1,343 for a Super Early Bird - 8GB version but haven’t heard a peep (I did check my Spam folder).

Hello! I’m backer #1,389, and I’d also like a status update on shipping :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Tracking number for
1860: 4PX3000401858153CN
133: 4PX3000388378132CN
1343: 4PX3000401857576CN
1389: 4PX3000415471447CN and 4PX3000415471430CN

743: please reach out to the local shipper to ask for your parcel
tracking number: 00340434498905140554
tracking website: DHL Private Customers

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Hey, can I also get a tracking number? Backer number is 570. Thanks.

My number is 274 :slight_smile:

274: 4PX3000401856616CN
570: 4PX3000388379306CN

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Thanks, it seems my delivery failed due to an incorrect address. Who can I contact about this? (backer #570 here).

Tracking number: NEXAU1007889202YQ
Please contact your local shipper about your package: Aramex Australia | Aramex depot
Phone number: +61 2 8355 1956

Hello Selina, can I also get my tracking number please? My backer
number is: 1648.
Thank you very much in advance!


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regarding: 133: 4PX3000388378132CN - tracking shows that the shipping info has been sent electronically on november 24th and no further update after that - does that mean that the package has not yet been shipped? if not please investigate what is going on from your end

regarding: 743: tracking number: 00340434498905140554 - the package seems to be stuck for nearly two weeks - i have tried what is possible to trigger a research from my end, but that usually has to be triggered by the sender here - can you please do so from your end via 4px? if i would have had the tracking number from the beginning it would have been possible to check earlier.

all in all i must say that the shipping is running not very professional from starfive side and i hope starfive will resend the ordered devices in case packages get lost due to missing tracking information to check back with the carrier early on in case of problems

a lot of thanks in advance and best wishes - hexdump

Please fill in this form for backer number 743 as DHL requested:
1671530198990-jizt-_1671587101319_6ff6e.doc (48 KB)

for this document i need at least the weight of the package and the full address of the sender of the package - not sure if that is starfive or 4px … actually this document is supposed to be filled out by the sender