Delivery of VisionFive 2

Hi can I have information on shipping details , backer 832 (with wifi 6 dongle )


@Day & @brunosxs I want to refer you both to an earlier comment by Selina


@Selina I’ve looked through that spreadsheet and my backer number (1746) isn’t listed at all. Does that mean it just hasn’t been shipped, or that something else is wrong?

@uncleshelby Sorry for meddling. I’m sure Selina is busy and I took the chance to take an extra look at the sheet. Your backer number is under Out of stock at line 543. Hope this helps.

Hello, @Selina, my backer number is 1432, and he on table of content “Shipped - on the way”.

Could you still get the number of the advertisement?

Thank you!

Hi Vitali, your tracking id: UU466538286CN

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Hi Xiepo,

Thanks a lot for your help! I got your package current status: it was delivered in Dec 15th, could you contact the following number to pick up them?

Tracking id: LL550953635LU
Tracking website:
Contact option 1: 45 70 70 70 30
Contact option 2: (+45)70253838

Hi Selina,

Could get some information on delivery(tracking ID) for pledge #1,486, (Super Early Bird - 8GB version).

I was sent an e-mail as I had incomplete delivery information. I updated that information and also updated my delivery details with Kickstarter, however I have heard nothing back since.

Thank you.

EDIT: Pledge number: 1,486 - edited above. Blasted keyboard.

Hi @Selina

I have sent you a private message, so we don’t end up taking more space in this topic

Hello @Selina,

Could I please get information regarding delivery/shipment for backer 1245.


Hello, @Selina !

Many Thank’s! :gift_heart::slightly_smiling_face:

Could you give tracking number for 229?

Once I went to participate to the KickStarter campaign, it was already closed.
I then ordered one at AllNet China, and… I received it today.


#1486 is still out-of-stock to the shipper, the tracking number is pending. The same as #229 @k132523

#1245 tracking id: 4PX3000401857477CN

Ok. Thank you.

Hi @Selina, do you have any shipping update for backer #1784 ?

Thank you.

Hi @Selina, I’m backer #21 and haven’t received and updates or tracking.

Could I get an update please?

Hi @Selina,

Happy Lunar New Year 2023.
I have not received the package yet. I would like to get delivery information(tracking ID) for pledge #1,647 (Super Early Bird - 8GB version).

Thank you!