Delivery of VisionFive 2

thanks @Admin

Thanks! @Admin . I got my VisionFive 2 today. I think it’s the second delivery because the first one is still stuck according to the tracker. Thanks again for the quick fix.

Hi Selina,

Backer 119 here again. Last month it was scheduled to ship, but now is out of stock?
How could that be? Can you explain it please?


Last month it is scheduled to ship so it was not shipped. Currently it is shipping to the shipper (need to pass a custom). After shipper confirms its arrival, the package will be on-the-way with a tracking number.

Dear StarFive.
I am backer 979 and did not receive my board. The tracking info says the delivery failed. There was no note at the delivery address from any delivery company. Please please re-send my board. I love the VisionFive and cannot wait for the VisionFive2. All my emails were ignored.

Awesome thanks! I got mine the other day. They look good. I ordered the eMMC for them and hopefully in about a month I’ll have a chance to test them out. I’m waiting on a 3D printer to make a case for it. I’ll have to download the OS and files for it and hopefully will have some fun.


my board seems being stuck for a month (#1153 Tracking number: 4PX3000403932691CN). Is it normal? I’ve tried contact the courier but it has been impossible.

Hi @Admin , could I get an update for backer #347 on my 8GB Early Bird please?

Earlier in Feb you said it would be shipped by the end of the month.

The spreadsheet is now showing out of stock. What does this mean for when I will get my board?

Hi,it means your package has been shipped out while the courier has not updated your tracking number to us.

backer 1,738 here, since i talked to you early i didn’t receive any news about my package or even any info to track him.

Hi @Admin,

my board seems being stuck for a month (#1153 Tracking number: 4PX3000403932691CN). Is it normal? I’ve tried contact the courier but it has been impossible.

Checking the KS delivery spreadsheet for February and March,
It seems the orders “marked Out of stock” in February are being delivered.
The orders marked “Scheduled to ship” in February are now marked as “Out of stock”.

This is a guaranteed to frustrate customers.

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HI @Admin ,
I’ve asked for a shipping/tracking # more than one month ago, but so far your team has not contacted me at all. How difficult can it be?
I’m starting to loose confidence you will deliver :frowning_face:

Hi @Admin ,

Please give information on my order made on backer number #264.

@mara @omendez @CarlosRFS
I have transferred your requests. You will get your tracking number by email this week.

Hi @Admin, could I get an update for #347? I have not received any tracking information yet.

I think your tracking number is sent to your registered email address. It is 4PX3000492395186CN.

I just got an email now with that tracking number.

The email says “According to our shipper, your VisionFive 2 package has been successfully delivered.”

It hasn’t been delivered yet. The tracking website says it’s on its way though. Thanks for the update.

Backer number 469 - I already got both the board and the wifi dongle

HI @mara @CarlosRFS ,
were you contacted this week with your shipping number? The week is almost over and (unless my spam filter cleared the correspondence) I have not received any email :incoming_envelope: :right_anger_bubble: