Delivery of VisionFive 2

Yes i got the tracking number and it is moving, but there is an oddity in the tracker status about the lack of a phone number.

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thanks, i’ve received him in my email some days ago

i’ve received an e-mail with the track info past week.

Hi omendez,

I have asked about your tracking and here it is: 4PX3000492325411CN.

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@adingbatponder Hi, your board has been reshipped with tracking number 00340434498823187730.

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Big thank you ! I got it. This time … FANTASTIC

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I can report that I got my board yesterday! I almost forgot about this beauty being inflight to be honest, but even happier now that it arrived.

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Dear @Admin,

I am baker no. 1932 and my board was sent with tracking number 4PX3000492395292CN.
On the tracking site at , I have an alert that says “Held by customs at destination” since 31st of March.

What should I do next ?

How can I contact the transporter to see what the issue is and help to solve it?

Thank you,


Could you try to contact them? We will ask our shipper as well.

Hello @Admin, I cannot contact the customs. I gave my phone number and my NIE, so they can contact me if they need to, but I cannot do anything from my side. If I need to pay any extra taxes, it’s ok from my side.

I received my board today. Thank you.

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Hi Selina
The log shows that questions about deliveries have become quiet
It is great to have two ViisionFive2 boards, I think they are the future.
I see that you are now delivering Pine Star64 boards.
But please do not forget to release the register documentation, how can we build the future without it
Thanks again

Hi chris, which document do you specially refer to? If you want to get some register infomation about JH7110, you can refer to this document: StarFive JH7110 Technical Reference Manual

Thank you I can see the document.
I had given up working on this board without it.