Collection for all VisionFive 2 Compatible OS updates (20230719)

OS OS Version Contributer (not fully included) UI Release Date VF2 image
AltLinux 20220422 AltLinux Official Russian 2023.4 Image: Guide: StarFive VisionFive v2 — ALT Linux Wiki
Arch Power Experimental Alex 2023.4 Image: Index of /riscv-images/starfive-visionfive-v2/ Guide:
Archlinux Arch Linux riscv64 cwt 2023.1 Image: Releases · cwt/Arch-VF2-Image · GitHub Guide: Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2
Alpine Linux Alpine edge mps console/no GUI 2023.7 Image: Milan P. Stanić personal page
Armbian Armbian 23.5 Lunar Armbian Official XFCE desktop 2023.5 Image and guide: Vision Five 2 – Armbian
Debian v3.1.5 StarFive Yes 2023.6
Deepin(UOS) V23 Alpha Deepin Community dde desktop 2023.2 Index of /RISC-V/VisionFive-v2-image/
DietPi DietPi DietPi 2023.4 Guide: DietPi on RISC-V StarFive VisionFive 2 SBC – DietPi Blog Image: Index of /downloads/images/testing
FreeBSD robn No 2023.5 GitHub - robn/freebsd-vf2: FreeBSD on StarFive VisionFive 2
Gentoo Experimental andrew 2023.2 Experimental Image: gentoo-master.img.bz2 - Google 云端硬盘 Guide: Experimental Gentoo Image Official Image In progress:
Haiku Experimental x512 Yes 2023.5 Guide: Progress on running Haiku on VisionFive 2 - OS - Haiku Community
Pantavisor Official Pantavisor 2023.4 Guide+Image: VisionFive2 RISCV image available for Pantavisor 020-rc4 - News - pantavisor
聚元PolyOS Official PolyOS Docker No UI 2023.3 Guide: build_portal环境搭建及使用 — 聚元PolyOS 在线文档 1.0.0 文档 Visionfive2的编译和使用 — 聚元PolyOS 在线文档 1.0.0 文档
RVOS (Demo) LiuJiLan LiuJiLan 2023.6 Guide:教学Demo系统RVOS在VisionFive2上的移植 Original: GitHub - LiuJiLan/RVOS_On_VisionFive2: RVOS在VisionFive2开发板上的移植。
ROS Humble ROS 2 Humble robotech 2023.3 Only video demo: ROS 2 Humble on VisionFive 2
Slackware Experimental Slackware No 2023.7 Index of /slackware/slarm64-current
Ubuntu 23.04 Canonical Starfive Server, No UI 2023.5 Guide: Canonical enables Ubuntu on StarFive’s VisionFive 2 RISC-V single board computer | Ubuntu Image:
xv6 (Based on UNIX) xv6 Michael Engel ( 2023.3 GitHub: GitHub - michaelengel/xv6-vf2: Port of the xv6 OS to the VisionFive 2 RISC V board
OpenEuler 22.03 OpenEuler 2023.4 Nginx Directory
OpenKylin Official - 1.0 OpenKylin 2023.7 Image: Guide: 在RISC-V上安装openKylin | openKylin文档平台
OpenSUSE Official OpenSUSE 2023.5 Image: /repositories/devel:/RISCV:/Factory:/Contrib:/StarFive:/VisionFive2/images - openSUSE Download Guide: openSUSE成功适配赛昉科技昉·星光 2(VisionFive 2)单板计算机 - 知乎

Note: All information is collected from open resource. If you have any questions, please click on the link to contact the information publisher. Please pay attention to the VisionFive 2 image and documentation. Please give me feedback if there is any correction to be made.


Please, could you add Alpine Linux to the list.
OS: Alpine Linux
OS Version: Alpine edge
Contributor: mps
UI: console/no GUI
Release Date: 2023.7
VF2 image:


Of course, thank you for you info :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Chloe Thank you.
Small note, version is “Alpine edge” but you wrote “Alpine edgel” (‘l’ not needed at the end)

Or, you can set Version to just ‘edge’, it is alpine anyway.
‘edge’ is our development (not stable) version, or rolling release

I have corrected it, thank you for pointing out.

It would help to split the list into two: Linux and others.


Would that be GNU/Linux based distributions only. Or would it include OS’es with a Linux kernel
e.g. Android which is very different from most GNU/Linux distributions because it contains very little of GNU. ; ChromeOS which is NOT a GNU/Linux distribution . But ChromeOS is a distribution of Linux.

Basically where do YOU draw your line with calling an OS Linux. My line would be if it has a Linux kernel it is Linux.



The issue’s the current list reads like a list of Linux distributions, with some other systems just jammed in there.

My proposal is to have a list of Linux distributions, and a separate list of non-Linux systems.


Thanks for this wonderful post, I hope the admin can pin it up to allow everyone to read any updates to the list.

I had written a post asking for the list of images currently being developed for the board and this is a source of inspiration for me to experiment with new images. Thank you!

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in the table it could be interesting to write if the official images support booting from microsd, emmc and nvme

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Thank you for your feedback, this list will be updated every two month :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Perhaps we will improve this item in future updates.

@Chloe Thanks for including my image to the table, the Arch Linux image link had been changed to the GitHub release page Releases · cwt/Arch-VF2-Image · GitHub.

Could you update the link please?


Oh sure, thank you very much!

Thanks for the list. I think the debian latest is v3.1.5 released in 202306. That is what I downloaded and tested. Can you please double check?


yep, my bad :sob:
Thank you for pointing this out.

Is there no more one? :rofl:

I am built a riscv64 version centos 9s :
百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码:wwgg

VF2’s performance is not enough to build a distro with one device.
So, this must have a lot of VF2 (or SiFive Unmatched) with distro’s build farm.
C9s have about 3k pkgs. I write a script which update the git data and call mock to build .
I can not keep up with RH. :face_exhaling:

Check out the latest OS updates here, and the next update will be released in January.

请添加openKylin 2.0到列表中, openKylin 2.0 alpha RISC-V