Collection for all VisionFive 2 Compatible OS Updates (20231007)

OS名称 OS版本号 贡献者(不完全包括) 是否包含UI 发布时间 VF2镜像下载地址
AltLinux 20220422 AltLinux Official Russian 2023.4 Image:
Guide: StarFive VisionFive v2 — ALT Linux Wiki
Arch Power Experimental Alex 2023.4 Image: Index of /riscv-images/starfive-visionfive-v2/
Archlinux Arch Linux riscv64 cwt 2023.1 Image: VisionFive2 - Google 云端硬盘 Guide: Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2
Alpine Linux Alpine edge mps console/no GUI 2023.9 Milan P. Stanić personal page
Armbian Armbian 23.8 Jammy Armbian Official XFCE desktop 2023.8 Image and guide: Vision Five 2 – Armbian
Chromium OS StarFive等 WIP TBD
Debian v3.6.1 StarFive 包括UI 2023.8 Wiki Page: VisionFive 2 Debian Wiki - 202308 Release | RVspace
Image 202308 Download link:
Deepin(UOS) V23 Alpha Deepin社区 dde desktop 2023.2 Index of /RISC-V/VisionFive-v2-image/
DietPi DietPi DietPi 2023.4 Guide: DietPi on RISC-V StarFive VisionFive 2 SBC – DietPi Blog Image: Index of /downloads/images/testing
Fedora Fedora33 傅炜、StarFive等 2021.12 RISC-V 64 Image: Index of /pub/alt/risc-v/repo/fedora/37/latest/riscv64
FreeBSD robn No 2023.5 GitHub - robn/freebsd-vf2: FreeBSD on StarFive VisionFive 2
OpenBSD 7.4 OpenBSD 2023.10 OpenBSD 7.4
Official Release: OpenBSD 7.4 released -- Oct 16, 2023
Gentoo Experimental andrew 2023.2 Experimental Image: gentoo-master.img.bz2 - Google 云端硬盘
Guide: Experimental Gentoo Image
Official Image In progress:
Haiku Experimental x512 包括UI 2023.5 Guide: Progress on running Haiku on VisionFive 2 - OS - Haiku Community
Lubuntu 21.1 Houge 2022.3
OpenHarmony 开放原子基金会,StarFive等 WIP TBD
OpenWRT Official wigyori 2023.9 Guide:
Compile and Install OpenWrt on VisionFive 2 - #2 by ThomasKorimort
应用指南|在VisionFive 2上编译和安装OpenWrt - #3 by Chloe
Pantavisor Official Pantavisor 2023.4 Guide+Image:
聚元PolyOS Official PolyOS Docker No UI 2023.3 Guide: build_portal环境搭建及使用 — 聚元PolyOS 在线文档 1.0.0 文档 Visionfive2的编译和使用 — 聚元PolyOS 在线文档 1.0.0 文档
RVOS教学Demo系统 LiuJiLan LiuJiLan 2023.6 Guide:教学Demo系统RVOS在VisionFive2上的移植 Original: GitHub - LiuJiLan/RVOS_On_VisionFive2: RVOS在VisionFive2开发板上的移植。
ROS Humble ROS 2 Humble robotech 2023.3 Only video demo: ROS 2 Humble on VisionFive 2
Slackware Experimental Slackware No 2023.7 Index of /slackware/slarm64-current
Ubuntu 23.10 Canonical Starfive 服务器版本,不包括UI 2023.10 Guide: RISC-V/StarFive VisionFive 2 - Ubuntu Wiki
优麒麟 麒麟软件 WIP TBD
xv6 (Based on UNIX) xv6 Michael Engel ( 2023.3 GitHub: GitHub - michaelengel/xv6-vf2: Port of the xv6 OS to the VisionFive 2 RISC V board
Multiplix Official Zachary Yedidia
Akshay Srivatsan
2023.8 GitHub - zyedidia/multiplix: An operating system kernel for RISC-V and AArch64 SBCs
OpenEuler 22.03 OpenEuler 2023.4 Nginx Directory
OpenKylin Official - 1.0.1 OpenKylin 2023.7 Guide: openKylin开源操作系统
OpenSUSE Official OpenSUSE 2023.5 Image: Guide: openSUSE成功适配赛昉科技昉·星光 2(VisionFive 2)单板计算机 - 知乎
PPSSPP PPSSPP Official 1.16 PPSSPP community 2023.9 download:


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you might add Multiplix OS, GitHub - zyedidia/multiplix: An operating system kernel for RISC-V and AArch64 SBCs. Multiplix can boot all cores, enable virtual memory and interrupts, supports multiple user-mode processes with a limited set of system calls, and has a simple Unix-like file system. Current work is focused on expanding the system call interface to support a shell and a basic user-mode environment.
Multiplix draws heavily from xv6 (GitHub - mit-pdos/xv6-riscv: Xv6 for RISC-V). It needs some more detailed instructions for booting on the VF2.

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Thanks for the list.

It would be very helpful to note whatever the image supports GPU and/or media encoders/decoders chip.


Thanks for the reminder, I’ll just add this information.

Thanks for the reminder, it has been updated.

OpenBSD snapshot/7.4
following 'Re: JH7110 - VF2' - MARC
with dtb from
installs from sd or usb to and runs from nvme, with a modified u-boot.
serial console


Hi @ErinD: Apache NuttX RTOS has command-line support for VisionFive 2 and Star64 JH7110. We are adding more drivers. Thanks!

Ubuntu 23.10:



Thanks, I‘ll keep track of this, the above form mainly summarizes the adaptation progress of VF2.

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You might want to remove my name, I was not involved with creating OpenBSD in any way at all and replace my name with “OpenBSD” since they did state “Add support for JH7110 to dwmmc(4), making eMMC and microSD mostly work on the Starfive VisionFive 2.”.

I’ve not even installed OpenBSD (yet), but I have nearly finished working out what I will need to do to install it. I also do not think that there is any GUI support, because that definitely would have been mentioned if it was supported.

It has been changed, thank you.