VisionFive2 Software v5.11.3 Release

More details about v5.11.3:

New Features
A summary of the main new features are as follows.

  • Support JH7110 SDK v5.11.3;
  • Support VisionFive2 v1.2A & 1.3B SBC;
  • Support Linux Kernel 5.15.0 and 6.1.31;
  • Support ISP tuning server based on libcamera;
  • Support transfer files by Bluetooth;
  • Add SiFive Private L2 cache and PMU driver;
  • Add wave511 v4l2 driver lkml version 14;
  • Optimize MIPI-DSI driver to match the dsi timming parameters;
  • Implement a new method to flush L2 cache(Good for the size larger than 512KB);
  • Enable CONFIG_TUN for OpenVPN/Tailscal;
  • Bug fix:
    • MIPI-CSI:
      • The audio playback is noisy when using the imx219 sensor and playing audio at the same time;
      • The error message is always printed when using OV4689 sensor;
    • GPU:
      • Firmware loads failure for 2GB DDR SBC;
      • Grainy screen after log-in desktop;
    • Display:
      • Fixed an issue where 4K display flashing occasionally;
      • Fixed an issue where Weston desktop wake up failure when only HDMI was connected;
      • Fixed an issue where unstable frame rate on 4K@30fps desktop;
    • libcamera-app:
      • Frames drop in full screen mode;
    • EtherCAT Master:
      • Optimize the compilation and packaging logic of EtherCAT master;
    • EEPROM:
      • Change pagesize to support GT24C02B/GT24C02A;

And Woot! there is a new set of Debian images up on OneDrive (and I assume Baidu too), Guess I know what I’m doing tonight then :wink:
EDIT: Of course I could have just read this instead of searching myself… lol