VisionFive 2 Debian 202403 Released

VisionFive 2 Debian Image 202403 has been released. Here are the simple release notes.
Please check the wiki page for more details:

Tips :

  1. Although 4K@30fps is supported and we have improved the desktop performance, there is still frame drop issue during video playback. Thus, it is recommended to switch to 1080p60 resolution for a smooth video playback experience.
  2. Advised to update u-boot binary if booting from QSPI in order to support multi-kernel switching at bootmenu.
  3. Please avoid running apt upgrade as it will override the existing customized mesa and linux-libc-dev versions provided.
  4. This debian image contains FFmpeg, Firefox and VLC by default.
  5. Please update the SPI flash to the latest SPL/U-Boot binaries if you would like to try nvme booting (set boot mode as QSPI boot).

Image Download link :

What’s New

  • Support systemd-binfmt service;
  • Support multi-kernel version select at bootmenu;
  • Fix failure to login desktop when system boot without monitor;
  • Fix mac address issue for wifi-dongle;
  • Fix gstreamer v4l2 plugins decodec error;
  • Fix libcamera-apps work on full screen with framedrops;
  • Fix decode process stuck when playing videos on Firefox;
  • Fix Bluetooth item can’t enable in quick settings;
  • Fix touchscreen unable to wake up by touch event;
  • Fix 1080p60 is playable on ffplay but with framedrops;
  • Fix loading content failure in gnome-help;
  • Fix the desktop display abnormally after login;
  • Fix unstable frame rate on 4K@30fps desktop;
  • Fix decoding timestamp error on Gstreamer v4l2decoder plugins;
  • Gnome:
    • Support power mode in gnome-settings;
    • Support Bluetooth on QuickSettings;
    • Fix loading content failure issue in gnome-help;
    • Fix desktop splash screen issue;
    • Fix desktop wake up failure issue;
  • libv4l
    • Upgrade version to 1.24.1;
  • libcamera/apps:
    • Support sdl preview;
    • Add IMX708 support;

Known Issues

  • Chromium FFmpeg is not working;
  • NVME image occasionally has a slow boot time;
  • Qt modules qtwebengine failed to build;
  • NWjs Filesystem access APIs failed;
  • NWjs mp3 encoder failed to be detected;
  • Libcamera-raw and libcamera-vid saving 480P raw and mjpeg files will appear random stripes;
  • Libcamera has obvious noises on the full screen of the desktop;
  • Desktop UI is not very suitable for portrait screen;
  • Vulkan CTS;

What’s Next

  • Debian-Installer support - Could support both SD + eMMC boot in single image;
  • Vulkan support;

Hello everyone.
nice to meet you.

Version 202403 has finally fixed some of the issues, so you can now use it on a daily basis.
Thank you very much to all the developers.

Last but not least, this article is of course written using an actual VisionFive2 with the latest OS installed.
I’m Japanese, so I just noticed that the Japanese input system is a little slow.


Is there support for xwayland on gnome ?


I think GPU drivers should be open source with official Debian support next year, when even better RISC-V SBC will be available, and Ubuntu might release Desktop version with it. An Imagination iGPU planned long waiting with sufferings. : )

I did a quick test. Major improvement is that VLC can play h264 1080p at 60fps with decent quality.


What’s the correct way to prepare for kernel module building in this version?

The apt repo did not include the same kernel source deb package for any 6.1.x version. Neither did the starfive-tech repo at github include a branch/tag of which the version matched the shipped one.

The WiFi dongle driver built for 5.x kernel stopped working. I am trying to build the 8188e from source.


I have this version of Debian running well on my VisionFive 2.

I have low vision and prefer to boot into a console terminal (no graphics). In most distributions you can enlarge the console font. I have unable to figure out how to do that with this RISC-V version.

Anyone know how to enlarge the fonts?

Thank you

maybe you can try this,like the picture witch can enlarge the font

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Hi Kira,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried that with a dark theme and works pretty well.

With standard linux distros, such as RPi OS, I can default to a “console” that is text based with no gui (windows). I can do that with this version but the displayed font is miniscule and there is no way to start the gui with the “startx” command.

At this point, your suggestion will work well. Thank you again,


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hi, fos1
VisionFive2 Debian 202403 Released not using xorg, VisionFive2 more suitable for Wayland , therefore ‘no way to start the gui with the “startx” command’ .
I am nearsighted and have presbyopia. I try to use a monitor that is equal to 1366 * 768 or less than 1920 * 1080, hoping this can help you
(The above is machine translation)

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Hi Izzhzh,

Thank you for the info. I will try reducing the screen resolution and see if that helps.


I found these further issues while running on Milk-V Mars board (same CPU) ?

  • No kernel network bridge support for Docker (CONFIG_BRIDGE)
  • System automatically suspends from inactivity

Try the Chromium included with VisionFive 2 Debian 202403 Released, chrome --gtk-version=4 ,Please refer to VF2-2403工程版Chromium103浏览器的汉字输入方法

(I hope it can help you,The above text is machine translated)

Hi lzzhzh,

I tried the method you taught me and it worked fine.
Thank you very much.
(Sorry for the late reply. The above is machine translation)

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