VisionFive2 as EtherCAT Master


My knowledge in the field of industrial control is still very limited, but would like to try to explore the potential of VisionFive2 or RISC-V architecture in the field of industrial. :grinning:

This is the EtherCAT device I bought,
1.) OL3-E57H EtherCAT stepper driver
2.) LC42HS60 stepper motor

For application software, I chose the open source Simple Open EtherCAT Master Library (SOEM),
Then use it to write a program application.

Remarks: My operating system is Debian, but it is better to use a real-time operating system for the EtherCAT master.

Please click on the video at below that I uploaded. It’s nice when the stepper motor turns on :grinning:

In case you don’t know what EtherCAT is, please refer to the short video at below: