VisionFive 2 Debian Image Released

StarFive Debian image (Engineering Version) has been released, please use the following address to download:


You might want to look into using or adding a bittorrent file for future releases of large image files. I suggest bittorrent because the higher the demand for a file the faster it would download for everyone who wants a copy of the file with a bit torrent client. And the lower the overall bandwidth required to host any large files. You can even use a “BitTorrent Web Seed”, so that if there are no other bit torrent clients connected with a full or partial copy of the file(s), that the file(s) can be fully or partially downloaded from a URL pointed at a website.

The small checksum/hash files ( ; ; and the relatively small Release_Notes pdf files should be kept as they are now (and/or they could be distributed via the torrent file or a magnet URI). But the 6GB or larger bzip2ed image file could be downloaded multiple orders of magnitude faster by far more people using a single small bit torrent file (or magnet URI).


Thanks a lot.

Could you please think of producing a reduced image size by removing unnecessary/graphical debian packages. A typical debian boot/install image is less than 500MB. 6GB is very large even when mirrored.

For the moment, my download expected to end in 15 days from now … next year. I stopped it.


Hello together,

the download speed is more then bad. It isnt acceptable. My connection says more then 20 days.
Isnt possible to move it on AWS S3 or better place ?


My machine can’t even start the download…

I’m trying to download it on my RPi overnight. Will share a torrent magnet link soon.

The contents can be independently verified by using the SHASUMS :wink:


I’ve got a similar thing going on my NextCloud server, so hopefully we have usable links soon! :slight_smile:

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@Selina same problem here. I have translated from chinese that you don’t have network resources yet. Is there a way to mirror it somewhere else? :slight_smile: We can then use the checksums. Just have a brand new Visionfive 2 and can’t work with it :confused:


Nice, even if I’m only half downloaded by then I can help you seed with what I have got. (At about 6% by now ~340MiB).

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Thank you all for your feedback. We didn’t expect it to be so slow. Will give feedback to StarFive R&D team to find a better way : )


Cool, waiting for your torrent.

Hello @selina,
why do you not upload the image to gitgub as ubuntu it does. Perhaps a little bit smaller.

My download got cancelled for some reason. But it appears that a torrent file has been available!

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Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll pass on your advice.

I spotted that a torrent file was added and thought that is fantastic news, so I downloaded the nice small torrent file. But it looks like when the torrent file was added the starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img.bz2 was replaced with a totally different file with a new filesize (before: 5967506487 bytes, now: 5967491065). So to help seed this new file I’d have to fully download the new file from the begining, I can’t just join in with all the data that I had previously downloaded.

previous file (which is now gone): 
$ cat
6cba8b6ff73ef1d02d92602afc73a5349c5c1a2e20247462bf5ec106e542713f55a61c52124fd0fedb562cb3c6e5a4e834715fb56c6488b86d0676d253b728bc  starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img
current new file: 
$ cat
58fdc7da25501ed34185842f1de044bd8549d971ec37209391610c268a2f1a48eaa092d79dbf476d70ff070b664c679c287ae1c8a75bc5f21cb8140c5c0d71ae  starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img

Sorry for all the inconvenience and confusion about the files. Since the bandwidth limitation, we will use google drive as an alternative and temporary way while we are trying to figure out a better solution. This link will be closed and updated in a while. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hi, at least for me the root password(starfive) don’t work. Is there any other used?

hello the starfive image doesnt boot from sd. All other images boot SDK, ubuntu and the opensuse. But this images has no wifi hw suppport implemented. I dont know why because everyone has wifi at home. I cant understand it.

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The torrorent downloaded but the file is corrupted:

$ bzip2 --test starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img.bz2
bzip2: starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img.bz2: data integrity (CRC) error in data

But unsurprisingly, the file that torrent gave me is borked:
$ sha512sum starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img.bz2
e3eaeaf1df378dbf436db705f98a916770a64c3aa7e61ced808ffb5422316f36b409e845e5b5d3a6a81d48a2afbf564aeef94b1e45ab5e87830e7a8d80ae6d40 starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img.bz2

The torrent file I downloaded (info hash v1 a991922ddc1fa303c5182628264e003c4c1aa092 ) matches all the hashes once extracted.

File: starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img
Size: 15728640000 bytes
CRC-32: ec9531d5
MD5: b42615530d8291d279af1b8060d2cebf
SHA-1: ed0cc20c42058f44031958515435c114a17fc54b
SHA-256: 73c919406e2c84b66395ddd2fd5ec111201ce4f81884d78cd8650db1a2fc8dbb
SHA-512: 58fdc7da25501ed34185842f1de044bd8549d971ec37209391610c268a2f1a48eaa092d79dbf476d70ff070b664c679c287ae1c8a75bc5f21cb8140c5c0d71ae
SHA3-256: a76ed2e2826f836ddce12ba212daff384ea49acc69eb8bd330830eca4a7286b6
SHA3-512: dff6f09cef941cfdc106903fd019cf0204850cb77cddcc88b51deb76e74f19773962fdc16e307e051406960349709d3ef7a97c01ef5cf07d09f0b76d901330d9

Maybe verify the downloaded file’s size and hashes ? To confirm that it was downloaded fully. Most torrent clients have a “rehash” or “force recheck” option to validate that all the hashes stored inside the torrent file match the hashed blocks of the local downloaded files and will re-download any corrupt or mismatched blocks.

File: starfive-jh7110-VF2-VF2_515_v2.3.0-55.img.bz2
Size: 5967506487 bytes
CRC-32: 23234e3a
MD5: 6c626edc21fc1556fd98a53d38273e9d
SHA-1: 44b18106e30fdcc30a0d559d1fd9452f193f1b2a
SHA-256: d5e0ed56d5b269e6bd2afa277e0b6422fca2f3fc3c1e3526bf3fbcb384bfc857
SHA-512: 21d359822997f030878e26d93a97f9f217cc77fbed7f727334349011e75d22dd021e4a5e838c1cf2d9fbabbff0e666424cf85197c9cd2449481c3811f1d91c87
SHA3-256: ba4190c6ba1285bab1efa54ae393ac203246012b5e391623f1d5026b9e876ff0
SHA3-512: 7f84166cc57357b00ddc652d096bee3c1e757a67fa12846e55bf2680203af7da7af435c09a354c353ee29f96c8056862f0be6f3674e3fac693099601509470f8