Video Playing Problem

I tried to play .mp4 video by gst-play-1.0 and gst-launch-1.0, but they can’t do well. Does VisionFive not support .mp4 video? Is there a right instruction to play the video? I don’t know how to do now.
And what’s more, I have installed Qt V4L2, and it can detect the camera but can’t show the camera’s view. But Camorama Webcam Viewer can show the camera’s view. Is it because some lack of driver?
Thank you very much!

Are you playing the video under fedora? It cannot support .
You can enjoy it in usdk_v2.3.0,please get it from this link:

I have already installed usdk_v2.3.0 but there is no difference. I also converted .mp4 to NV12 but it still didn’t work.

Are you outputting the video straight to DRM? It won’t work with X11 since there’s neither GPU nor vector unit to convert from YUV to RGB colour space.

It’s likewise unrealistic to scale video live so make sure video is in the correct resolution (1920x1080).

OK. Thank you very much.

I believe that there is a bug (or maybe a hardware limitation) in the DRM driver, where pixel plane offsets are hard-coded.

This can cause the colour plane of NV12 to be shifted. For UVC sources, you should use YUYV anyhow.

Video Playing Update please refer to: