VisionFive Software v2.3.0 Release

More details about v2.3.0 refer to Release Note

More details about older version release refer to release

What’s new

  • Device Tree overlay;
  • JPEG and MJPEG decoding
  • GStreamer using omxmjpegdec plug-in to decode video and picture;
  • FFMPEG using mjpeg_omx pulg-in to decode video and picture;
  • omx-il library and unit test for JPU decoder;
  • omx-il unit test for video encode and decode (video_enc_test, video_dec_test);
  • 8K/16k/22.05k/32k/44.1k/48k sample audio for PWMDAC;

Known Issues

  • Remote login fails by SSH in TF card rootfs image
    • workaround: execute dropbear -R -E in serial terminal
  • Error(Makefile 498 line) is reported during the first TF card burning operation
    • workaround: execute again until successful
  • The screen still display the last image after excute gst-launch-1.0 with kmssink to play video or image
    • workaround: limitation on JH7100 as it only supports one crtc
  • Video is about one second slower than audio when play video files(.avi)
  • The system will halted when excute ffmpeg to transcode with h264_omx or hevc_omx
  • The video will occasionally get stuck when excute gst-launch-1.0 with v4l2src & kmssink to play UVC