Pinetab-v, a JH7110 powered tablet

Another welcome addition to the risc-v family. I may well be asking for one for my birthday…

Edit: I originally thought this had no WiFi or BT, but the boards pictured here have one (bottom left), nice


Let’s hope they will share the development effort.

It’s a really bare-metal device, but with this SOC I suspect it will be well supported by the community with time. And pine are being honest about what you get right now: “Powered by unicorns and pixie dust.” Lol.

Not sure of your Twitter link… I don’t birdsite any more so didn’t click.

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Thank you @mzs, much appreciated. I’ve favorited, boosted and followed! :wink:

Pre order of the pinetab-V now opened on pine64 store :wink:

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@easytarget So, which online-stores could I pre-order it from in Chinese Mainland?

Absolutely no idea, I’m in the Netherlands. So I’m afraid you will have to research this yourself :disappointed:.

Maybe contact and ask them what ordering process you can use.


I have pre-ordered it. Thx.