PCB Outline, Holes and IO Openings in DXF

Well, being a new user It looks like I cannot upload these yet. As soon as I get those privileges I will update this thread. Anybody know how many post are needed to use attachments in this forum?


It didn’t take many for me… posting replies probably helps to, I’ll :heart: you since that probably helps :wink:

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You could always upload the file to an external free file storage website like google drive, dropbox, onedrive, icloud, icloud drive, mega, … and just post a link here.

Thanks for the replies and likes. Unfortunately I don’t have any cloud storage setup already. If I don’t get attachment privileges soon I’ll look for an alternative means. Thanks.

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I setup a git repo with the files.


Has the Discobot been switched off? For a long time now, ever since Discourse has become more and more popular as forum software, I have always done the small course with Discobot for my new accounts. It only takes a few minutes and the reward is not only a certificate but also the badge Basic.

Who is Discobot?

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Otherwise you could email the DXF to someone who has posting privs and get them to post them for you. I’ll post them for you if no other option works out.

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