OpenWrt Support, Hackaday, and Early Samples

Hey, I write for, and we occasionally do reviews for hardware gadgets like this one. (See my review of the Turing Pi 2 ) I also do some occasional development work on OpenWrt. With the dual Ethernet ports on the VisionFive 2, I hope to do some work on porting OpenWrt to this platform.

I’ve backed on Kickstarter, but I’m curious if there are any engineering samples available to get out in front of things for a review and some OpenWrt work.

Jonathan Bennett

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your support and interests. Currently VisionFive 2 samples are not available yet. We will let you know if we have preemptive experience event.


Hi JP,
Please see the following application notes as samples:

You can also go to our official GitHub for code download:

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Hi JP,
One of the RVspace Chinese community developers has created an OpenWRT image for trial. Just FYI, in case you are interested to have a try. You can use Google translator to view the following post.

Just in case you can not use the Wechat share drive above, you can use the following Google Drive link instead: VisionFive 2 Test Images - Google 云端硬盘