Fan header convertor for NOCTUA NF-A4x10 5V

Hi, I’m looking for the fan pin header convertor for my NOCTUA NF-A4x10 5V

What’s the type of VF2 fan pin header? My noctua 3pin to 2pin convertor has different header

The Noctua NF-A4x10 5V PWM comes standard with a USB power adapter cable and this is the optimal adapter for connecting to 5V without PWM control.

I have wired my Noctua 5V PWM NF-A4x10 directly to the fan header with dupont connectors. Soon, I intend to connect the PWM lead, possibly also the RPM lead, to the GPIO, and write a small program in Rust that responds to change in CPU temperature running as a Linux service under systemd. (I’ve been doing it this way with Raspberry Pi 4B for three years.)

A nice little starter project, as soon as I have 3D printed a case.

Thank you all for your answers, hmm I should’ve bought PWM type not the just 5V type.
If I come up with other solution I will post here, thanks again.

I am also a fan of PWM fans. :wink:

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If you remove the PWM pin (third pin), and move the GND pin (first pin) to this position, you can plug the fan directly into the GPIO header. This may block access to 3v3 pins though. If you aren’t using GPIO, then this is a workable solution. It is what I do with my fan on VF2.

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