Delivery of VisionFive 2

Thank you. I have updated the info and add separate sheets for different status.

@Admin mine says delivered on the sheet. However, I have never recieved my board, what should I do?

Which is your backer number?

@Admin My backer number is 509

So those on the out-of-stock list won’t be getting shipped in January and will be in February? Can you confirm that if this is the case, they will have 4xUSB3.0 or 2x3 and 2x2?

It still feels a bit odd that you’re not making this publicly available to people on the Kickstarter page. You mention that you’re getting a lot of inquiries but if you were just more transparent on your actual Kickstarter page about delivery information then people wouldn’t be seeking it out here in a specific forum thread. People shouldn’t have to look through a forum and a specific thread’s comments to find updates on something they’ve backed on Kickstarter. I feel like I’m just ranting in this thread now but you clearly have the information available, it just isn’t being made available to users “publicly”. It would save you a lot of time, though I do also understand why you don’t want to post it on the backer page :smiley:


It is clearly stated in the VisionFive 2 data sheet - “4 × USB 3.0 ports (multiplexed with a PCIe 2.0 1x lane)”. If you look at the schematic (Which is admittedly for the Super Early Bird boards: 1x 1000 Mbit and 1x 100 Mbit NIC’s) it has 4x USB 3.0 ports provided by a VL805-Q6 PCIe to USB 3.0 host controller. But there is a gotcha in the details, that chip (or any other substituted chip), will always be limited to the maximum throughput of a PCI Express 2.0 x1 lane (500 MB/sec). So if you had 4 USB 3.0 devices connected, one could operate at 400MB/sec no problem, but if you start a data transfer in the same direction (USB 3.0 is full duplex), that throughput would lower.

The only bit that is not fully clear, to me, even from the JH7110 data sheet is if the USB-C port will be USB 2.0 HS ? I’m guessing that calling it a “device port” implies that it can not be a USB OTG port ?

From the VisionFive 2 data sheet:
1 × USB-C port for charging
1 × USB device port (by reusing the USB-C port)

Of course if you really did need more USB 3.0 ports, and were not using the M.2 M-Key port already, you could use a “M.2 M-Key to PCIe cable” and plug in an external PCIe to USB 3.0 card, but it too would be limited to a maximum cumulative throughput of a PCI Express 2.0 x1 lane interface (500 MB/sec). But since it is a different PCIe lane, traffic on one would not impact the other.

Sure, I get that, but I also see the recent email/Kickstarter notice where they said that it was being changed from 2x3 and 2x2 to 4x3 USB ports, so that’s why I ask. The data sheet you link to that you say it’s clearly stated on, was updated on the 10th January to change it to what you’ve quoted :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if they manufactured the boards that they’re planning to send out to some people already so they’re mixed 2 and 3, or if they’re yet to be manufactured and will have 4x USB3.0 ports.

I’m not overly worried either way as I wouldn’t be using them all anyway, I’d just like to know what’s being sent.

EDIT: OK, it seems they’ll be 4xUSB3.0 based on the Kickstarter comment they left to another user, that’s cool then.

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Please, I need information in regards to the package.
Kickstarter Backer number:

Hi can I have information on shipping details , backer 832 (with wifi 6 dongle )


@Day & @brunosxs I want to refer you both to an earlier comment by Selina


@Admin I’ve looked through that spreadsheet and my backer number (1746) isn’t listed at all. Does that mean it just hasn’t been shipped, or that something else is wrong?

@uncleshelby Sorry for meddling. I’m sure Selina is busy and I took the chance to take an extra look at the sheet. Your backer number is under Out of stock at line 543. Hope this helps.

Hello, @Admin, my backer number is 1432, and he on table of content “Shipped - on the way”.

Could you still get the number of the advertisement?

Thank you!

Hi Vitali, your tracking id: UU466538286CN

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Hi Xiepo,

Thanks a lot for your help! I got your package current status: it was delivered in Dec 15th, could you contact the following number to pick up them?

Tracking id: LL550953635LU
Tracking website:
Contact option 1: 45 70 70 70 30
Contact option 2: (+45)70253838

Hi Selina,

Could get some information on delivery(tracking ID) for pledge #1,486, (Super Early Bird - 8GB version).

I was sent an e-mail as I had incomplete delivery information. I updated that information and also updated my delivery details with Kickstarter, however I have heard nothing back since.

Thank you.

EDIT: Pledge number: 1,486 - edited above. Blasted keyboard.

Hi @Admin

I have sent you a private message, so we don’t end up taking more space in this topic

Hello @Admin,

Could I please get information regarding delivery/shipment for backer 1245.


Hello, @Admin !

Many Thank’s! :gift_heart::slightly_smiling_face: