Case for visionfive2 to buy

Is there a case for visionfive2 for sale?

Just by accident I got the acrylic “case” for the VisionFive (1).
It’s basically two acrylic sheets with standoffs. So it means the sides are open.
It’s a bit strange Allnet China stopped selling them (I can’t find it on their website anymore). Perhaps they don’t know it also fits the VisionFive 2. If interested, you might want to send them an email and ask if they are still available (although you probably won’t get a quick answer because of the holidays).

I also have the Radxa Rock 5B, so I know most of the holes on the board are in the same position. So you can also consider the acrylic “case” for the Radxa Rock 5B. Rock5 B Acrylic protector – ALLNET China
Although I wouldn’t use the heat sink and fan, as the pins might block the M.2 slot on the other side. You can probably use a simple heat sink and attach it with a thermal pad.


It will fit in an odsyee case from seed studio

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If all you need is an acrylic sandwich then you can also DIY it with acrylic sheet, just cut it to size and drill some holes for the mounting posts. My concern would be the heat from the CPU, you definitely want to leave provision for airflow and and heatsink.

One thing you could do if you’re going with the sandwich arrangement is to use something like my hillbilly heatsink in the cooling thread to move the heat from the CPU to above the sandwich and then strap a finned heatsink onto the top of that, sitting above the sandwich. It’ll look a bit ugly but should give decent passive cooling.

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You are slowly convincing me that “hillbilly” means intelligent :smile:

It’s borrowed from the military, where the term hillbilly armor arose around 15 years ago:

The humorists of the front call their makeshift shielding hillbilly armor.

I liked the term hillbilly heatsink because of the alliteration.


I received my VisionFive 2 today.

If there is any desire, I can custom design an acrylic case similar to other types used on original VisionFive board. I operate out of USA. Have various colors of acrylic and standoffs on hand. Can customize for different fan sizes and personalize (engrave names, etc)