Boot once but not more with impossible shutdown (Debian 69)

I’ve flashed Debian Image 69 release on a sdcard, booting with it, but after doing some work, no chance to boot again. I would want to know where I can find Debian Image 55 to update firmware as I can read and if there is more than that solution to run correctly this release. Here, it’s impossible at nowfor me to download Debian-55 from Baidu cloud.

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Perhaps the torrent is still alive?


The versions of U-Boot before v2.11.5 IIRC are unable to properly call SBI shutdown sequence.

Please try updating your board U-Boot (both SPL and main) firmwares. It shall work. If not, please cite the lines you see in your serial console when invoking shutdown command.


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You can click this link to download the image: It includs 4 versions: image-55, image-69, 202302 and 202303.

Thanks, the torrent link works. So I’ve found to flash the firmware with latest version, and image89 do not boot anymore. I’ve succeeded in booting wayland, but the display draws magenta and not whites. I will try image55 at now…

Image55 do not boot.

Wayland do not a have file explorer…and do not know to get access to…

Same here. It booted once, won’t boot again. I’ve tried every available image to no avail. One of the images made the LED blink green, but no display. Now I can’t even replicate that. I made a post about it on the kickstarter. Hopefully I can get my money back

Sorry for the problem. Please send the details to The StarFive technical support engineer will be responsible for verifying the issue.

Sorry for the problem. Please send the details to . The StarFive technical support engineer will be responsible for verifying the issue.

you can apt install thunar to get file explorer

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Could you please try the latest image of VisionFive 2 Debian Image 202303 and boot with sdcard bootmode.
VisionFive 2 Debian Image 202303 Released(latest) - VisionFive 2 (English Forum) - RVspace Forum


you can run the shell under /opt and reboot and the color will become correct.

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Success booting in installing 69 minimal with january firmware. Unable to resize partition in wayland image… Only wayland sdcard image works with latest firmware.

firmware 2.11.5 and 2.10.4 unable to boot anything else than wayland image.

@bartoshe You can resize the partition on a Linux machine with Gparted or Disks. Or you can do it with fdisk on the fly. Fdisk is in /sbin.

Here is a video to do it on the fly.


Thank you for yours answers. I am wondering now how gl4es do not work on wayland, and if it did on image 69 with old firmware. wayland is not including x11 headers, and gl4es simply log and no more with NOX11 flag. I have found too that I have done sudo apt update/upgrade with image 69 that was the reason of the non reboot and I have noticed that glxgears works after apt update/upgrade as gl4es but none else.

Note that this version of wayland is slowed down at restart if i do “sudo apt update/upgrade” even if opengl works with.

Do not upgrade the StarFive images, this is mentioned many times here and elsewhere.

When you do so you disable the GPU, hence gnome/wayland slowing down.