Batocera Beta

I saw a post on Reddit that there is Beta of Batocera for the VF2.
I wrote the image to a micro SD card, and I have to say I’m surprised in a good way.


Can you try any 3D game?

Is the driver working or is it using softpipe?

We are using currently the old vendored Mesa patched by IMG, it’s 3D accelerated.
But starfive-6.6-devel kernel once ready + Mesa 24.1 or Mesa 24.2-devel + Zink + a couple of patches is coming around the corner.


Neat, do you know how we could use the same trick with the official debian?

What is the timeline for the upstream release?

Probably armbian is on par with what is implemented in batocera original risc-v port for the JH7110.
I am currently adding more RISC-V boards (SpacemiT K1 and T-Head 1520 as soon as I am able to get my hands on some boards) in a separate unannounced FOSS project.