[Article] Experiments with OpenSBI (Supervisor Binary Interface)

Bare Metal Programming on a RISC-V SBC sounds difficult. Thankfully we can get help from the OpenSBI Supervisor Binary Interface! (A little like BIOS, but for RISC-V)

In this article, we boot Apache NuttX RTOS on a JH7110 RISC-V SBC (VisionFive2 / Star64) to experiment with OpenSBI:

(1) Print to the Serial Console
(2) Set a System Timer
(3) Query the RISC-V CPUs
(4) Fetch the System Information
(5) And Shutdown / Reboot our SBC

Check out the article:
JH7110 RISC-V SBC: Experiments with OpenSBI (Supervisor Binary Interface)



Great work, thank you for sharing!


Yep thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Note that warm reboot works on VF2!

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Thanks! Star64 ships with an older version of OpenSBI (Jan 19 2023) that doesn’t support Warm Reboot (I think).

VisionFive2 ships with a newer version of OpenSBI (Jun 21 2023), that’s why it works with Warm Reboot.

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