Altlinux StarFive VisionFive v2
image link:
Index of /pub/people/nir/images/riscv64/slinux-rv-vf2-20230422-riscv64/

Kernels and firmware in Sisyphus
The board is supported by the sf-un kernel, with plans for partial support in un-def kernels.

Just 2023-04-22

linux 5.15.0-sf-un
xorg-server 21.1.8
firefox 112.0.1
Get the image in img format, extract it and save it to the SD card, for example using dd.

Hardware support
Corresponds to the level of support in the kernels from the vendor.

Tested and working
card reader
GPIO (UART used; pwm tested)
Video driver
HDMI works, there is sound. However:

the picture is a bit “wavy” when updating
when moving a window sometimes the picture hangs for 2-5 seconds while the X server uses about 60% of one CPU core
Panel operation not tested.

audio driver
There is sound through the minijack on the board and it generally works, sometimes depending on the source, problems can be observed.

I turn it off
Most likely the hardware on the board doesn’t know how to shut down. Rebooting works.

Not tested/not supported
All SoC ip blocks requiring proprietary drivers, incl

3d accelerator (Imagination. Plans to do something with it)
video and jpeg decoders.



Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications.


  1. To install docker, run:

apt-get install docker-engine

  1. If you want docker to work from user (not from root) add user to group docker:
    usermod USERNAME -aG docker
  2. Then start and enable docker service:
    systemctl enable --now docker
    docker run hello-world

[ivantchoff@altlinuxvf2 ~]$ sudo docker ps -a
[sudo] password for ivantchoff:
176301e6ecf4 debian:unstable “bash” 36 minutes ago Up 24 minutes goofy_cerf
67c0d4726727 hello-world “/hello” 41 minutes ago Exited (0) 41 minutes ago wizardly_kalam


Watch the video review of the experimental build of Simply Linux for RISC-V:


does this distro support the english language as well? From the doc and screenshot everything seems to be in Russian

Yes, support english.


thanks, I will give it a go

defaut user is the same as in the debian image?

No, you make own root user and password in first boot.

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I tried the image, it does not seem to boot…

I don’t any problems with boot. I use balena etcher for prepare sd card.

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And update uboot to last version.

VisionFive2 Software v2.11.5

Instructions for update:

APPENDIX III: Updating SPL and U-Boot binaries Under U-boot

Prepare the tftp sever. e.g. sudo apt install tftpd-hpa for Ubuntu host.

  1. Power on the VisionFive2 board and wait until enters the u-boot command line
  2. Configure the environment variables by executing:
StarFive # setenv ipaddr;setenv serverip
  1. Check the connectivity by pinging the host PC from evaluation board;
  2. Initialize SPI flash:
StarFive # sf probe
  1. Update SPL binary
StarFive # tftpboot 0xa0000000 ${serverip}:u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out
StarFive # sf update 0xa0000000 0x0 $filesize
  1. Update U-Boot binary
StarFive # tftpboot 0xa0000000 ${serverip}:visionfive2_fw_payload.img
StarFive # sf update 0xa0000000 0x100000 $filesize

Just flashed img.xz to 128 Gb microsd card using Gnome Disks.
Then booted it on my VF2 V1.2a with 8 Gb RAM.
Note: If one have connected UART and want to login to ttyS0 - you can use root as login and altlinux as password. But this is not really needed (see setup wizard below).
Below is a short review with screenshots from USB screen-capture device.

With connected HDMI display one will get initial setup wizard with the following steps:

  1. Select Language - here English is available

  2. License agreement

  3. Date/Time

  4. Save settings

  5. Network setup - select Configuration: use DHCP here if unsure

  6. System Administrator

  7. System User

  8. Finish setup

After the reboot one can login to the system from ttyS0 using UART or to the graphical Xfce session

and enjoy all the software from fully-featured Sisyphus repository.


Прикольно, так держать :+1:

Cool, thumbs up :+1:

Which boot switch settings are needed for booting Altlinux from an freshly SD card imaged with the image listed above?

@zash1958 all DIP switches are 0.

I have just flashed 3.1.5 bootloaders and wrote starfive-jh7110-202306-nvme-minimal-desktop.img.bz2 to NVMe, and the board boots directly from NVMe without any image modifications.

@ivantchoff if possible please support NVMe boot in the next version of Altlinux for StarFive VisionFive v2.