Why only 12GB are available while I have 32GB sd card?

After booting Fedora and running ‘df -h’ I see that
only 12GB for /dev/mmclbk0p4 is mounted on /. Where is the rest?
I tried with 256GB card and it’s the same. Is it limited to just 12Gb?

Ok, silly me, ‘lsblk’ shows that it actually sees the whole size of the sd, but I have to use smth like gparted to extend the partitions. I tried to run its graphical version, but nothing happened even after a few minutes.

Yes, you will need to expand the remaining SD card space yourself, we will soon have a guide on how to do this.

Here is a guide of expanding root partition on 64G card on debian

Tx. Is Debian already available for VisionFive?