When and where can I buy the Pine64 Star64 board

Can you share the purchase link?

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Seems not ready yet. Check pine64 community could help.

Star64 will be available for purchase to anyone who wants a unit in November. Pricing is yet to be determined”. At a guess it would be from the Pine64 store.

It is November 7, but star64 is not available in Pine64 store

November, could be anywhere from 2022-11-01 to 2022-11-30 (or even 2023-11 if Pine64 wanted to cheat).

We are in the middle of a global electronics supply chain shortage if you bulk order (10k+) parts today you could wait a very long time for it to arrive. Lead Time’s have improved, but some parts to have them for this month November would have had to have been ordered 90+ weeks ago, unless an intermediary supplier has enough stock.

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From the pine64 November update:
“We initially hoped to have Star64 available today but some last minute production issues have pushed the release date back to next month.”


  • Available soon, likely in December before next community update
  • Two hardware configurations: 4GB and 8GB of RAM for $69.95 and $89.95 respectively
  • Linux at a good starting point with solid early support of most core features of the SoC
  • Expect support announcements for the Star64 soon after the board launches

“However, reading this update I’d like you to keep in mind that Chinese factories and logistics are currently experiencing significant restrictions due to the zero-COVID policy. This means that some of the predicted availability dates may change.”

EDIT: The youtube video found on the link above mentions “December 5th”, and that would align well with the EU-based PINE64 online store restock on December 4 and December 9 (Their prices include import duty, VAT and shipping, so would be more).

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