What are you all doing with your boards?

Very much self explanatory. Feel free to share it all here.

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I’m not there yet, I’m no where near there yet, but currently spending a lot of time thinking.
The idea is to learn bare metal programming on RISC-V, understand all the pros and cons of RISC-V and then once I have all the details worked out in my head to start working on a totally insane idea.

self censored paragraph, about the history of the idea. And examples of similar systems that have existed over the past 60 years

self censored paragraph, about the key concepts of the idea

The OS would end up not being POSIX compliant, just due to the initial shear complexity of getting such a strange idea to work at all in the first place on hardware what was not custom designed for the functionality.

(I do not want to go into any details yet, because the idea might not even be possible at all. And if you publish too much information too early these days some troll will go off and patent the idea.)

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As for me I just wanna run games on RISC-V, code a bit and tinker with a reduced isa that’s descended from the og Berkeley risc

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I’m exploring to see what I can run on RISC-V.
Some people are still writing we have to wait 10 more years for RISC-V to become a viable architecture. But I think they are wrong.

So far I created fractals, played audio CD and played games with DosBox, SCUMMVM, Open RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, TyrQuake, SuperTuxKart and OpenLara.
Box64 is still on my to-do list.

You can find some videos in this playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYxFtt1xWrthuSGclxIswGAdLbHpuqnTf


As for me, I ran FTEQW and have hardware acceleration for Quake! Also I watched some of your vids and they are really sweet! I appreciate them.

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Maybe future game console chips may choose RISC-V?


I’m waiting for Imagination to support their damn GPU. After that, I will start testing various multimedia software and maybe do some coding.

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I’m waiting for the minimum version of Haiku OS for risc v, I will be able to start testing and I want to write an IoT program for Vision five 2 like https://www.domoticz.com/ but for Haiku OS (maybe I will succeed haha)

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I’m just running mine as a headless server running docker containers.
All I need working is networking, ram and cpu.
Some of these are my own projects like a web application written in python with flask so building a base os image and compiling python is straight forward.
I also run a few arm and x86 docker containers using binfmt for those containers that don’t have a riscv image.

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That’s awesome. I personally don’t know how to use docker.

We have a project at work which is currently uses ARM-based boards. I’m investigating if it’s possible and if it’s a good idea to run on RISCV as well, or instead off. I need probably couple of more months to come up with conclusion.

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I’m at the moment doing not su much with them, except periodically updating their software (I have debian-based installations in the three of them).
I recently did an experiment with cross-compilation using Rust, and I liked it, so I guess I’ll continue playing with that, but as of now, no specifi target.

I’ve always liked anything new and have been playing with computers since the 1980’s, starting with a ZX80.
I also really like the idea of a royalty free ISA. It should drive end user prices down eventually, since there will be so much competition.
So for me it’s just something to tinker with after work. Frankly I’m impressed with this little board and enjoy trying any OS that will run on it.
Since the 202306 release I bought an NVME drive and run Debian from that. Also bought a USB to PCIe bridge, so burning images only takes a few seconds.
Also tried Armbian, Ubuntu Server, openSUSE, Arch with varying degrees of success.

I personally like the prospect of a CPU design that is free from the control of any one corporation or country. An open isa makes that possible

A couple of projects:

I find riscv64 a wonderful CPU architecture, BTW

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Still waiting for opengl support.
I have an application which doesn’t work yet, for handling security camera video streams.