VisionFive2 Software v5.10.3 Release

More details about v5.10.3:

New Features

A summary of the main new features are as follows.

  • Support JH7110 SDK v5.10.3;
  • Support VisionFive2 v1.2A & 1.3B SBC;
  • Support Linux Kernel 5.15.0 and 6.1.31;
  • Add IMX708 ISP driver;
  • Add several packages: curl, ntp, openssl, ca certificates, GNUTLS_OPENSSL, DOSFSTOOLS;
  • Add bin2 chip support;
  • Bug fix:
    • CAN: add interface to free the buffer;
    • WAVE5:
      • Fix timestamping issue in the decoder;
      • Fix decoder dma buffer unconsistency in small buffer size;
    • Fix vin hibernation problem by restoring delay in encoder_enable();
    • Libcamera display issue:
      • zoom the input image to fit the screen for DRM preview;
      • Queue one more buffer to the isp pipeline;
    • Bluetooth issue:
      • add aic8800 bluetooth driver that can support sco profile;
      • add rfkill device node to fix dbus communication issue;
    • EtherCAT Master:
      • Modify the logic of the sample program;
      • Add compiling option for rootfs;

Interesting… we have been slowly going up 3.x sub versions; 3.7.5, 3.8.2, 3.9.3. And suddenly we jump to 5.10.6 with no signs of any particular reason for a main version bump.

I’m guessing an attempt to line up with the minimal Kernel major version number? or a typo when releasing…

I think they are merged some new cpu design(e.g. dubuhe90).

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JH7110 SDK and VisionFive2 Software now have the same version. I guess this is the reason behind the version change.


AhHa! Yes, of course…