VisionFive2 Software v3.4.5

I see there is a new release of the VisionFive2 Software

What’s new

  • Support JH7110 SDK v5.4.4;
  • Support VisionFive2 v1.2A & 1.3B SBC;
  • Support Linux Kernel 5.15.0;
  • Add OV4689 sensor driver;
  • Add auto flow control for UART;
  • Add 2560x1080 and 1600x720 resolution for HDMI display;
  • Add USB host function in U-Boot;
  • Supported mirror mode / primary screen setting under Weston desktop;
  • Add dynamically adjust the CMA size;

Please do not upgrade u-boot/spl for 8GB DDR VisionFive2 since CMA will not allocated successfully under Debian image 202306;

Fixed Issues

  • Segmentation fault when running Khronos CTS Vulkan;
  • HDMI hotplug issue when runing Weston desktop;
  • Console white screen issue for HDMI display;
  • Adjusted eMMC flash mode from High-Speed@50MHz@1.8V to HS200@50MHz@1.8V for eMMC boot issue;

Known Issues

Only 22.05K/44.1K audio through PWMDAC are obviously out of sync when playing video/audio file;
Camera image cannot be output to MIPI LCD via v4l2test command;
Some TF cards may have compatibility issues;
Segmentation fault when running unit tests in DDK 1.19;
OpenCL CTS segmentation fault in DDK 1.19;

I suppose Linux only problem? Should be fine if using different OS (Haiku etc.)?


After flash update I got a regression that screen connected to HDMI turns off after control is passed to OS (Haiku) and about 1-2 seconds passed. OS use framebuffer (UEFI GOP) and do not implements its own graphics driver.


Woot! My main monitor is a 2560x1080 ultra-wide 27’LG, it’s a very nice monitor to work on.
Now all I need to do is remix the snap-case base with a VESA mount and I can play with the VF2 as a proper desktop instead of it lurking in my hobby room. :wink:

Edit; but I have a 8Gb model so I will need to wait for a new OS image too…

Same for me, with Linux. It looks like it just fades away. Do you experience same behavior?


I suspect that new firmware version turn off display engine after exiting EFI boot services (I use UEFI boot), but it shouldn’t according UEFI spec.

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