VisionFive2 power button


I have a VisionFive 2 board.

When I power up the board, the system boots up instantly without a power button. In the schematic I saw that it is possible to connect the reset switch as a power button, but the references on the board are missing to identify the components to be modified. Can you help me understand how I can make the power button work?

Another problem occurs during shutdown, the board performs the software shutdown but does not turn off. How can I solve this problem?

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It affects me, too.

I shut down (poweroff) the System I installed (Ubuntu), but the fan of VF2 board still spins.

I posted the same question on reddit here:

user bigtreeman_ replied:

“The little switch near the power USB-C connector switches PWER_EN disabling the 5V regulator, from whence comes all the ergs to make it work. Check the schematic pgs 18, 22.”

this is interesting, but I have to study this a bit.

I use ‘VisionFive 2 Debian 202405 Released’ and ‘Archlinux for VisionFive 2’, It is normal for them to shutdown.

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It depends on how you connect the fan. For me, if I connect it to the fan connector, the fan will not stop when I shut down the board. However, if I connect it to 3.3v on GPIO, the fan will stop. (I prefer to connect my 5v fan to the 3.3v pin because it is quieter.)


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