VisionFive2 GPU drivers (Imagination rogue: kernel, Mesa, X11 video)

Hi All,

I have built the Radix cross Linux system for VisionFive2 board based on SoC JG7110 whith GPU. But It seems like that GPU drivers is not work properly.


  1. X11 cursor has wrong coordinates.
  2. mesa-demos and glmark2 works only with GALLIUM_DRIVER=softpipe variable because llvmpipe doesn’t support RISC-V architecture.
  3. VLC cannot play video.

Could you please give me some information about Mesa build options for PowerVR GPU (gallium rogue)?
Also I interest with X11 video drivers (sources) for pvr.

Thanks in advance.



Well, GPU is a difficult situation right now. There are the closed source drivers which have a very incomplete state and need a highly patched Mesa to work. And even then, wayland is much better supported than X11.
There are new drivers in development, which will be open source and an open source mesa for that too but again, priority here is wayland. To be fair, I don’t know whether it will work at all for X11.
To investigate any further you could look here for instructions on how the debian image is built:
Debian image build instructions
and here for the new open source drivers and mesa:
Imgaination open source PowerVR links


Thank you Nightwulf!
Very useful links!

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By the way, glmark2 should not work on BXE-4-32 because this GPU does not support OpenGL. It has support only for OpenGL ES, which is a different API.

And drivers for X11 will probably never appear. Because this puncture is extremely complex in terms of support in drivers and requires an obscene number of crutches.

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Well…yes and no. The GPU itself has all necessary features to have OpenGL support. The API is implemented on top of the hardware capabilities. But you’re right in that regard, that there will be no effort on doing so. When it comes to the display server, things move towards wayland anyways and for 3D APIs, Vulkan is in the same spot.
So very likely, it will be wayland + vulkan in the end.


Hardware yes there are no obstacles for OpenGL to work. But imagination decided to go the way of writing vulkan driver and implement opengl through Mesa Zink (opengl over vulkan).


Yep…that’s what I ment. OpenGL (native) won’t happen with a very high probability.

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