VisionFive USB ports issue with KeyBoard

I have problems connecting one of the external keyboards to the VisionFive.
dmesg yields the error message:

[ 522.248217] hub 2-1:1.0: over-current condition
[ 522.378257] hub 1-1:1.0: over-current condition
Namely, the nexdock2 which works fine on several other machines.
Anything I could do here?
Thanks alot for any help!

Can a usb3.0 flash be used?

Sorry for the late reply. I thought it was an added question to the manufacturers and not me.
I just attached an USB stick (pretty sure it is USB3) and that worked out of the box.
Another USB keyboard+mouse dongle also work. But not that mentioned one (even though it does on any other machine I have tried).

What brand and model is your keyboard? Can’t recognize it every time?

It is the Nexdock2.
Here is the dmesg output when attaching it e.g., to my laptop:

Currently, we haven’t adapted Nexdock on visionfive, so I’m not sure if it will work.

Yes, I can confirm the Nexdock2 not working (keyboard+mouse) at my VisionFive Ubuntu or Fedora currently.
But the nexdock2 should act as any other USB-hub/dongle I thought - at least that’s how it behaves on the Raspi or my dell laptop (the pastebin dump shows the message upon it being connected and registered).