VisionFive Sponsorship Program

VisionFive Sponsorship Program

On December 8th (California Time), we will begin to receive applications for our first phase of VisionFive sponsorship program. The amount is limited in this first round.

1. About the program:

The program will be fully sponsored by RVspace for developers to try RISC-V boards, and develop their interested projects on RISC-V boards, while donating their efforts to open source community at the same time.

2. What are the benefits of joining the program?

The developer participating in this program will get a development board (VisionFive) sponsored by RVspace (DDP), through which you can develop your own projects and discuss with other developers through this forum.

3. Who can apply for this program?

All applicants are welcomed, but the applicants with projects in the following areas are preferred:

  • OS (Linux, Debian, etc.)

  • Application Framework such as QT

  • Any innovative applications on RISC-V

Applicants for this program must be willing to provide monthly updates of their progress and open source their project and result to the community.

4. When and how to apply?

The program will start on December 8th (California Time). Application will be due by January 7th 2022. No application applied after the deadline (January 7th) will be considered.

To apply for a VisionFive SBC, please fill out the following application: VisionFive Project Application[Closed].

Applications will be reviewed after January 8th. All applications will be evaluated under the consideration of the project’s value to the whole community and how it would fit in the above areas.

Any question regarding to this program could be answered in this topic, and all progress to specific areas will be shown in Software Ecosystem - RVspace Forum.

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Dear Selina:
I am so sorry I have a question need your help.
Do I understand the content below correctly?

I think the “VisionFive Sponsorship Program” of this page is different with the “How to purchase VisionFive?” in the following page.

So I think I do not need follow the rules below after I buy the boards successfully refer to the “How to purchase VisionFive?”.
“Applicants for this program must be willing to provide monthly updates of their progress and open source their project and result to the community.”


Hi Zhangwei,

For sure, there is no pre-requirement or limitation when you purchase the board. The program is different from purchasing, which is only a sales activity.

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Dear Selina:

Thanks for your reply. I got it.


Thank you all for applying this program, we are reviewing all the applications right now and will give our feedback as soon as possible.

Among all the project applications we received, after meticulous selection, the following projects have been chosen to be the first phase of sponsorship program:

Name Country Project
J** E** Czech Build and document container base images based on OpenSUSE on the RISC-V platform
Z** L** USA NixOS image that is directly bootable on a VisionFive board
J** d* G** Netherlands Port the NixOS Linux distribution
A** T** Japan Improving the network speed
M** B** Spain Provide a working openSUSE image on the board. Upstream kernel and U-Boot patches
O** I** Russia AltLinux Debian Ubuntu images for end users
B** T** Sweden Linux BPF jit features
A** G** India BSP development, upstreaming and validation
S** C** France Port box64 to enable x86_64 program to run directly on RiscV
N** H** China ncnn open-source project
A** V** India Develop a Autonomous Mobile Robot
C** C** USA Porting high performance simulation and grpahics applications written in Taichi to RISC-V
S** D** Canada Porting Gentoo to VisionFive
D** Č** Germany Ensure that openQA can validate bare metall images on the RISC-V platform

For others not have been selected or missed the deadline, please stay tuned for our next phase of VisionFive Sponsorship Program.