VisionFive FAQ

Question: What is the frequency of VisionFive?

Answer : The maximum frequency VisionFive could reach is 1.2GHz. In the datasheet, the frequency is 1GHz, which is the frequency it has in most working circumstances.

Question: Which software or OS could VisionFive support?


For supported software:

All the supporting software and tools are included in the release in GitHub.

For supported OS:

Currently, VisionFive supports Fedora OS, which could be downloaded here.

Question: Could you provide the TF card compatibility?

Answer : Our TF card compatibility test shows the following TF cards are working (including but not limited to) :

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston (except Kingston SDCS2/64GB, Product batch:31689-005.A00LF)
  • Lexar
  • Aigo
  • Lenovo T27Q-20

Question: How to use the 40-Pin GPIO header?

Answer : Our 40-Pin GPIO header is compatible with Raspberry 40-Pin, while the locations are different. For reference please go to our Wiki Page.

Question: How to power on the VisionFive board?

Answer : VisionFive does not use a battery to power the board. It has a USB Type-C port and uses a 5V / 3A power adapter. For more information, please refer to the Required Hardware section in the User Guide.

Question: Where could I find all the hardware data for VisionFive?

Answer :All hardware data and information are uploaded in VisionFive GitHub Repo.

For other questions regarding to VisionFive and RVspace, please post in this forum. Our support team will respond to them as soon as possible.