VisionFive 2 Software Study Guide & Application Notes released

In RVspace documentation center, we have released several documents for VisionFive 2. Related software repositories will be released soon.


What is the library code you use for the Python examples? I would like to use the GPIO, but without using Python to do it.

We have VisionFive.GPIO package uploaded in Python. Library Code is from C lib.

My VisionFive2 arrived today (surprisingly :).
The QuickStart guide asks to download a debian SD card image with “link coming soon”.
Is there any available image for download somewhere, yet?


I have received VisionFive2 board, but the Quick Start Guide does not describe how to download the image and SDK. Is there any other reference?

---------------VisionFive 2Single Board Computer Quick Start Guide --------------------
. Download the latest Debian image from Debian Download Link (Coming Soon).

---------------VisionFive 2SDK Quick Start Guide --------------------
$ git clone <SDK_Download_Link_(Comming_Soon)>
$ git checkout --track origin/vf2-515-devel

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Received a board today. Thanks all Starfive team.

Was able to boot a sdcard.img image (buildroot only).

When can we expect a valid download Debian image link to get a working desktop Debian ?

Even a partially working image is OK to start.