VisionFive 2 Serial number QR Code


I was looking on the two VF2 I have at hand, and noticed that they had a sticker on the rightmost ethernet plug with what seems to be a serial number

Is it documented somewhere what each field in the QR code mean?

As far as I can say, the QR code contain a coma separated list, with 6 column

The first start with VF7110, but then one have A1 the other B1, then a dash, then 4 numbers, then another dash an another series of hex numbers.

The second field is the number printed on the QR code (and same as the sticker on the bottom)

The third field is 0xA1 and 0xB2 for card, I suspect it is the revision as the first is a 1.2A board, the second a 1.3B

Then the fourth field is a A for both board,

Then the Fifth and Six field are likely to be the two MAC address of the board (have to check but they have the right length for that)

Bonus question, does any of the numbers in the QR code related to a hardcoded unique number in the SoC?
I cannot see any info/number in the kernel logs about such thing, so I’m not sure if the the chip do have such functionality.

Edit: I can confirm the last two columns are indeed the MAC addresses.