VisionFive 2 refuses to boot any image other than sdcard.img

I did, and I also flashed the new firmware; still doesn’t boot, the only image I got to boot was DietPie’s StarFive VisionFive 2 image xP

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Yes! and it still doesn’t boot

May I ask where you don’t quite understand?

The DietPi image has only a single ext4 partition, hence no uEnv.txt is loaded and the distro boot target, which requires the 3rd partition to be FAT with extlinux on it, fails. The bootloader then goes on with the mmc0 target which scans all partition for boot scripts, extlinux, EFI in a generic way and supports all filesystems.

So if all other images fail, then the distro boot target fails or hangs at some point where it does not fall back to the next boot target anyhow.

However, serial console output needed to debug it further.


yes, sorry I still need to buy that USB to Serial Converter

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I didn’t understand which are the on/off positions for the switches. The switches are clearly labelled but it’s not so obvious which position is on or off.

This may help:


Boot mode SDIO3.0

Boot mode eMMC


The TL;DR is to follow what’s written the mask on the board, and ignore what is the mask on the switch module.

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Think in terms of them being pull downs. Off is high, on is low. Once you understand this, you only need to refer to the silkscreen on the board to know what to set- 1 being “off”, 0 being “on” for the dipswitch.

It’s a re-do of their documentation. Which is and isn’t helpful.

Normally, a vendor will describe things in terms of the on/off states on the switches instead of the confusing thing done here. The map you present is a description of the signal lines…and the switches are pull-downs. So in one way it sensibly describes the state of affairs- while omitting the detail that the switches are reverse of the sense you’d normally think of them. X-D

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Now, all the explanations of the dip-switch settings aside (Which are helpful for people coming in late to this discussion so they know if they’ve not made the epiphany I had out of the box) we still seem to have a state of affairs that the silly thing won’t boot either the Buildroot or the Debian images on target off of SD. I’ve got it booted via TFTP, but that’s not…well…useful… It helps on debug builds…sorta. And, yes, I did follow the instructions on loading the firmware via U-Boot and TFTP.

So, reading the thread, I guess I’ll try DietPI next and see if that even works.

This is one of the more frustrating bring-ups I’ve had on a board like this. Well documented in some places that matter…later on… And poorly documented/explained in the crucial ones for getting it to boot right off of an SD, even if you’re using the SPI to leverage that functionality.

see my post : recover visionfive 2

@remid @Aragubas This figure may help you understand the boot mode settings. Plz let me know if this helps :innocent:


it does! thanks x3


This chart should be in the official doc, or at minimum stickied in this forum.

I understand what’s being said about pull-down states, but nowhere in the doc does it say that’s what’s being referenced, instead you’ve got a chart that references 0/1 and silkscreens that reference L/H and “ON”

Common sense would say that the chart should use the same labels as the silkscreen.

If the chart referenced ON/OFF or L/H instead of (or in addition to) 0/1 there would be no confusion


Sure, we will add this chart in the doc later. Thanks for advise.


Which is why it’s not obvious. They just labeled it 1 and 0 and all…and in MOST places, 1’s ON not OFF, which if you’re following the switch sense instead of a pulldown sense (e.g. on is 0, not 1) then you get confused as hell.

Most of us got lost there. Once I looked at their docs, I said a few choice words and it became clear.


This really is the doc we need on here. It clearly illustrates the actual behaviors.


Thanks for your advice, we have added this chart in our document below, and hope this can help you guys. @remid @Aragubas @alb


Now on to getting Yocto to produce consistent, clean bootable baseline images…

Got a first boot with a bit of handholding and tuning work on meta-runit to make it boot clean and nice, verified with multiple targets other than a VisionFive 2. Will be pinging StarFive’s people later today on a Twitter DM for clarification on image production rules. Will share on here for everyone trying to make a Distro work on the device via pure SD boot.