VisionFive 2 Kickstarter Status

What is the current status of VisionFive 2 production for Kickstarter pledges? I hope it’s going smoothly. However, some people are saying that they do not have any tracking number for the 4GB Super Early Bird which should be shipping this month. Does anybody else have this issue?

Hi Bucketoffun,

To my understanding, the super-early-board packages are starting to ship.

Within just the last few hours, some backers (me, me, me!) got a “this is the last 48 hours to change your shipping address” message, so I think they’re getting close.

Star64 hardware is already in hands of some super-early (not for sale, don’t ask) developers.

Information around both boards is still really scant if they are indeed both scheduled to be shipping in just a few weeks. Maybe there’s a flood of stuff currently walled up waiting to come out.

I’m ready to get past the OpenSBI prompt, but can’t get enough info to make it go brrrr yet. But it’s not even clear if we can talk about Star64 here or exactly how related they are and what’s the ratio of work between StarFive and each respective board company. They have different NIC hardware, for example, but we don’t exactly need different Fedora images for that. Are they/we cooperating on single images from the major OSVs?

Exciting times are on their way.


Any updates for the people who have pledged for the Early Bird 4GB version? It’s delivery date says November 2022 too, and November is almost complete. (Not complaining.)

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All the super early bird versions (including 4GB and 8GB) are in production and shipping process. I assume 4GB are earlier than 8GB.

Some of the production images: