VisionFive 2 Debian Image 202308 Released (latest)

I finally got around to trying this image on an nvme drive. Yes it boots straight from the nvme without the sdcard. Yes it brings up the desktop and yes Firefox and VLC are there.
I tried youtube and the video quality and sound quality is impressive.

Congrats on all the success and progress. It’s looking great.

I’m really looking forward to being able to do an apt-get upgrade without breaking everything.
It’s really painful to be reflashing images to sdcard/nvme often. Doesn’t anybody else feel the same?

Here is a friendly reminder to flash the latest firmware:


apt-get install mtd-utils
cat /proc/mtd
flashcp -v u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out /dev/mtd0
flashcp -v visionfive2_fw_payload.img /dev/mtd1

Can someone explain to me why in all the releases I have always noticed a CPU load of around 0.5/0.6 with the board completely idle? this is normal?

Thank you

What is top telling you?
Which processes are still active?

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I have noticed this as well if there if you are using a NVMe boot drive with no microsd plugged in. The microsd itself can be completely blank the last time I tested it and the load average went back to 0 consistently. I use a microsd to load my NVMe XFS root filesystem now so I can not ensure that is still the same outcome/reason however it was consistent in my original testing. This is my current load for example:
15:04:47 up 1:18, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

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Not tried this latest release yet. I’m happy to see bluetooth is supported now but disappointed that there is still no 4K hw video decoding, which is what I’m hoping to use my VF2 for one day.