VisionFive 2 Debian 202311 Released

VisionFive 2 Debian Image 202311 has been released. Here are the simple release notes.
Please check the wiki page for more details:

Tips :

  1. Although 4K resolution is supported and we have improved the desktop performance, there is still frame drop issue during video playback. Thus, it is recommended to switch to 1080p60 resolution for a smooth video playback experience.
  2. Please avoid running** apt upgrade **as it will override the existing customized mesa and linux-libc-dev versions provided.
  3. This debian image contains FFmpeg, Firefox and VLC by default.
  4. Please update the SPI flash to the latest SPL/U-Boot binaries if you would like to try nvme booting (set boot mode as QSPI boot).

Image Download link :

What’s New

  • Added Libcamera-apps and libcamera support;
  • Improve 4K destop performance from 25fps to 30fps;
  • FFmpeg: Fix random patterns that appears at the bottom of video playback
  • v4l2test:Added capture frame rate support

Known Issues

  • 1080p60 is playable on ffplay but with framedrops;
  • Chromium FFmpeg is not working;
  • NVME image occasionally has a slow boot time;
  • Qt modules qtwebengine failed to build;
  • NWjs Filesystem access APIs failed;
  • NWjs mp3 encoder failed to be detected;
  • After the system is fully started up, connecting HDMI does not automatically start the desktop;
  • Vulkan CTS;
  • Libcamera-apps preview will appear random stripes and frame drop;
  • Libcamera-raw and libcamera-vid saving 480P raw and mjpeg files will appear random stripes;

What’s Next

  • Debian-Installer support - Could support both SD + eMMC boot in single image;
  • Vulkan support;

Be aware there are some LANG / LANGUAGE / locale issues when installing some software packages.

I actually broke gnome-terminal last night and wasn’t able to figure out what the problem is.

LANG / LANGUAGE / locale ??? :thinking:
Maybe… glibc is dead… :face_exhaling:

Please be more specific. Capture the output and add it here precisely. Others may be able to help after that.

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linux 6.1.64-1 has corruption in ext4.
Use linux 6.1.66+ instead.
Mentioned here:

locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory
locale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory
locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory

Here is the output. I can’t possibly try and tell you which package calls a Perl Locale to error or complain about a “C” locale, or an UTF-8 locale. Just something I noticed. I did try to fix it, but ended up breaking gnome-terminal, which for some reason, relies on whatever they have setup in their debian release.

wow - thanks - works OOB on NVMe instantly !

Just one comment - to being able to compare with different boards/accessories I suggest to adding a standardised monitoring suite to the packages provided by StarFive, so everyone can compare his values, having same software

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Is the GPU still bypassed by softpipe?

Can we get a pinned topic that will say when the GPU driver is done?